18 December 2009

My Simple Stories

Yes, I know - I've been a HORRIBLE blogger.

I just wanted to update everyone on something BIG coming to MemoryWorks. The owner Amber has been working really hard for awhile to develop an exclusive line to MemoryWorks (yes, exclusive). These products will only be able to be purchased through a MemoryWorks consultant (like me).

I have seen first hand how awesome this new line is. It is a paper line and will help make scrapbooking easier, more efficient, simple, enjoyable and of course preserve your memories!! I know Amber has put her heart & soul in this product. She is a true inspiration and I can't wait to get my hands on it!!

I have seen online versions of this new product line. You can check out some sneak peeks at the My Simple Stories blog! You even have a chance to WIN!! All you need to do is place one of the awesome blinkies on your blog, email, facebook page, etc.

This new product will be released to purchase in mid / end January.

Check out this great video the MemoryWorks home office put together: http://vimeo.com/7987560

If you have any questions on this new product - please email me at lacey.memoryworks@gmail.com! If you want to book a party, purchase products or want me to teach a class you can also contact me at that email address.