26 February 2009

New Moon

OMG!!! Amber posted this on her blog - i watched and got chills. I CAN NOT WAIT!! How is this still an addiction. I think it will forever be an addiction of mine!!

oh and Jacob is soooo cute! But i still am for Team Edward. But it's hard not to fall in love with Jacob when he looks like that!

I'm excited to see New Moon - I'm excited for Twilight to come out on video! I need to read the books again NOW. I am reading Midnight Sun online right now (well not this second.) But I'm on Chapter 7 - i read a little bit a day - b/c I can't sit and stare at the computer that long :) Well maybe I could. I really wish she would continue writing Midnight Sun and continue with the twilight series in his viewpoint or even books beyond in Jacobs point of view. Aw - in love :)

22 February 2009

My Birthday

Well - I had a great birthday. It wasn't anything tooooo exciting, but I went out with a few friends (on Valentine's Day). We went out for dinner & drinks. Birthday's do get harder the older you get. I just am not as excited as I used to be... I want to stay 25 forever. That would be great. But I do embrace being 27 and enjoying my life and what I'm doing. I have more drive to go get the things I want right now and hope I work hard towards those goals and dreams in the next year. :)

Here are some pictures from going out for my Birthday:
Me & Mikael
Demi & Myself
Me, Demi & Mikael
Kisses faces - Matt & I
Patrick, Mikael, Rob, Demi, Me & Matt - the birthday crew!

18 February 2009

My Computer

For Christmas Matt gave me a laptop. Well - that was the intention. After 1 1/2 months and a huge headache later - we gave up on option #1 - going through Dell (ps... HORRIBLE customer service).

Then Matt suggested I just get an Apple since it would cost about the same as the Dell I was going to get. My reaction - HOLY CRAP YES!! It's my dream computer. Well after much thought and talk - we decided it's not in the budget for a few reason. 1 - I would have to also buy Adobe Creative Suites 4. Which I really want - but it is REALLY expensive. So that was just out of the question. However, we thought we could save for it...but it's going to be a few years.

So I finally thought, well I could just get a PC and when I save up for the Mac - Matt can take the PC I get now. PERFECT. He also liked the idea. So for the past 1 1/2 weeks I've been scouring the web for a computer, asking friends for advice and going to the store to touch and see the laptops in person.

In the end the one I REALLY wanted was only online and in the outlet section of Best Buy. So I am getting a bronze beauty. HP - Pavilion Laptop with Intel processor. 4 GB Memory & 320 GB Hard Drive. 14.1" screen. It is sooo cute.

It will arrive sometime in the next week! I'm soooo excited!

I am still also waiting for the arrival of my nephew. I hope he arrives in the next week as well. I am going down to visit my family (my parents will be in the Twin Cities) the last weekend of February! So I hope that little guy is here and I can love him more than I do now. :)

17 February 2009

A year older

Well - people ask me - "Are you where you thought you would be at 27?" My answer. Well... no - but then I think - did I REALLY ever know where I would ever be at any age? I mean - yes there are many things I wish I was doing right now. But I think the drive of wanting it and being a year older (b/c i'm not getting younger) is going to push me even more to not sit and wait. Don't get me wrong - i love my life right now. I have a lot going for me. But there is a lot more I want to do and only I can take those steps of doing truly what I want to do.

In the past year I have discovered (more so then the past) that I love working with graphics & photography & marketing. I have helped the Dance studio (brochures), the FM Ballet (photos, headshots, advertising flyers & postcards for Xmas holiday, program design for Spooky Ballets & Christmas Holiday), and Monty (my personal trainer and good friend) - helping him build his clients with marketing tools such as flyers, brochures, wall flyers, etc. I've really enjoyed the process and the outcome and have thought - I could really make this into a career.

So what do I want to do while I'm 27? I want to work on my photography skills, hopefully enroll in online Graphic Design classes / school, build a portfolio, stay fit (look the best i ever have) and enjoy life!

So on that note:
Happy Birthday to me!
It is my year!

05 February 2009

Watch Tomorrow - MW BLOG

Check out the MemoryWorks Blog tomorrow. I am posting a blog for them! I'm so excited to be the first team member to post a blog and each and every friday different team members will be posting to the MemoryWorks Blog! Awesome huH?

But check it out tomorrow to see my post! Lots of fun things to share with you all!

04 February 2009

A look ahead

Okay - I have so many thoughts right now on what I want to do. BUT I need more time in a day!! Can someone add like an extra 5 hours to my day - that would be perfect (so my days would be 29 hour days).

So in the works in my world. I want to start making fingerless gloves to sell. If you would like a pair please contact me. I hope to get enough made to sell at A) the Dance studio & B) Etsy. So hopefully I can announce soon that I have some available for purchase at either of these places!!!

Second, I want to sell my mini albums again. I make these darling little mini - albums for scrappers or non-scrapbookers... That are easy to fill with 4x6 photos and have journaling on the opposing side. So stay tune for this as well.

On other notes: I would really like winter to be over, my birthday is in 13 days, and I still workout daily.

OH and finally - MemoryWorks has started a blog (as I posted previously). Each friday a MemoryWorks TeamWorks Member (Design team member) will be posting on the blog! GUESS WHAT! I am first. SO check out the MemoryWorks blog this friday (February 6, 2009) to see my post!

02 February 2009

Ground Hogs Day

What is the point?!? This dang ground hog sees his shadow EVERY year! I can't remember a year he has not. I think we need a NEW ground hog to test this whole thing out. I'm sick of longer winters. Especially this year - since winter began WAY too early! I vote for a new ground hog!

01 February 2009

Baby Shower pics

FIRST! I want to share my second pair of fingerless gloves I made. I gave my first pair away already. The first ones were pink. These ones are going to Liz. I wonder if she reads my blog. Well I'll be sending them to her soon. I am so happy how they turned out. I'm working on a deep red colored pair that match my winter coat perfectly!

Here are the ones I made for Liz:

The baby shower went great last weekend! I had such a good time and I hope everyone else did as well. I wanted to share some photos of the shower. I made cupcakes and put the nice decorative frosting on myself (I am proud on how they turned out - and am NOT looking for a career in baking). I also put all the party favors together and love how the table settings turned out - even though it was paper & plastic!

I am so excited for my little nephew to be born!!!

Party Favors (M&Ms)
My Cupcakes! I made these and put the frosting on myself!
Another view of cupcakes
Prizes for the people who won the games
Table Setting
Close-up of table setting
Getting ready to open gifts (everyone was getting their bingo game boards ready)
A quilt my mom made (it matches the baby's room perfectly) - inspired by the Peyton collection from Pottery Barn Kids
My cute sister-in-law and her mom.