17 March 2009


RIGHT NOW! Sandy & myself are hosting a contest over on the MemoryWorks blog. Head over there for a chance to win. There are two prizes, one for consultants only and the other is for ANYONE! So go on over, enter in and check it out!
Interested in becoming a MemoryWorks Consultant?
Now is a great time to sign-up to become a MemoryWorks Independent Consultant. With the catalog transition soon approaching, MemoryWorks is offering a LOW start up fee for only $29.99 (plus shipping & taxes).

I have been a MemoryWorks consultant since 2005 and have loved every single minute of it. The home office staff is very personable, there is a consultant only message board where you can get ALL the advice you need, and the quotas are easy to meet (only $75.00 a YEAR)!!

If you have questions on becoming a MemoryWorks Independent Consultant contact me today or check out my website for more information!

laceyigo@hotmail.com or My MemoryWorks Websites

16 March 2009


Weekends go by so quickly. I am always so busy I feel like I get nothing done. This past weekend was crazy, but lots of fun. My friend Alexi was in town from California! It was so great to see him and hang out with him. Also, I was in the St. Patty's parade for Monty (my trainer). It was finally a pretty nice day - meaning I didn't have to wear a coat!!! Well if you live in warm states - you would probably be wearing a winter coat. The temp was in the mid-30s! Finally and today the temps will be in the high 40s (crazy I think this is warm).

I hope to get some scrapbooking done this week though. I have a fun make & take I made last week. I will be showing it on the MemoryWorks message board next week. So I will share it when I launch it there. :) It's a little notepad.

Other then that my life is uneventful. :) Maybe that is okay though.

12 March 2009

Little Lucas

The thrill of being an Aunt is unexplainable. It is one of the most exciting things in my life that I've experienced. Little Lucas is 1 week old today. Happy 1 week old birthday little guy. I was so excited to visit him last weekend. Even though he was a few days old - I enjoyed holding him, giving him kisses, and just loving him. While he slept (aw the life). I look forward to seeing Lucas grow up. But hope he stays a baby for awhile. I love how little he is.

Here are a few more pictures from last weekend. I'm so excited to see him again, I know he will have grown a little by the next time I see him, probably be on more of a schedule and be awake longer then 5 min :)
My Mom (Grandma Rosi) with Lucas

My PROUD dad & mom with Lucas (G-pa Gil & Grandma Rosi)

Auntie LACEY!!! I love being an aunt!

And Little Lucas

Oh and he has the longest fingers!!! It is crazy and the cutest little toes.

08 March 2009

Lucas Chad

My nephew Lucas Chad is ADORABLE!!!! He is so little. Seriously a little peanut. He weights 7 lbs 1 ounce and 20" long. He didn't cry much yesterday and slept pretty much the entire time. When he did cry (diaper changing time) he has the cutest little baby cry. Aw he is so adorable!!! I'm so excited to be an aunt and see this little guy grow up!

here are a few pictures (I will take lots more today!)
Lucas looking up at his Daddy (my brother)
3 Generations - My dad (G-pa), My brother Chad & his son (my nephew) Lucas

05 March 2009

I am an AUNT

I think this is the most exciting day of my life. I am an AUNT!! My nephew was born this afternoon. I don't have many details at this time - my brother did not tell my mom much. So I am waiting for the phone call with more information.

I will be going to visit this weekend and I finally get to meet my little nephew whom I already love with all my heart.

Ok here come the tears - it's finally all settling in.

03 March 2009

MemoryWorks Challenges

This month TeamWorks Member Sandy & I are hosting Message Board Challenges for MemoryWorks (you can only access the message board if you are a consultant). Today's challenge is "Spring Into Color". The color pallet below is the one we are working with. I created a cute little notebook with these colors.


Here is the notebook i created.

I think it has been awhile since I have shared scrapbooking projects on my blog. I need to do this more often! This project was quick and easy to put together. And I'm giving it to a little girl who likes to doodle. :)


So my friend Sandy had this posted on her blog - so i checked it out. WOW this fabric is SUPER cool!!! Check it out! How great are those colors!!! Man i need to sew more.

So go to Vanessa's Blog (V & Co) for your chance to win too!

Now this is a blog I need to follow!! I need to work with fabric more. Goal this month.

01 March 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Here I am "geeking" again. I call myself a "geek" when i hang at the coffee shop on the internet with my laptop. I am ultra geeking today - i'm wearing my glasses. I like this new found activity though. It is fun to have a laptop and get stuff done on the go. I just downloaded the Twilight Soundtrack and can NOT wait for the movie to come out on DVD so i can obsessively watch it over and over again.

The weekend has once again gone by quickly. It is interesting how that works. However, I am looking forward to this week. Because by the end of the week I will be an AUNTIE!!! I can not wait for that moment. I'm sure my Sister-in-Law & Brother are even more excited than I am. Well they are - it is their kid. I can't wait to meet him and know his name and love him to pieces!

On that note - i have been here WAY too long (i'm surprised they have not kicked me out yet. lol). I should pack up and head home :)