16 March 2009


Weekends go by so quickly. I am always so busy I feel like I get nothing done. This past weekend was crazy, but lots of fun. My friend Alexi was in town from California! It was so great to see him and hang out with him. Also, I was in the St. Patty's parade for Monty (my trainer). It was finally a pretty nice day - meaning I didn't have to wear a coat!!! Well if you live in warm states - you would probably be wearing a winter coat. The temp was in the mid-30s! Finally and today the temps will be in the high 40s (crazy I think this is warm).

I hope to get some scrapbooking done this week though. I have a fun make & take I made last week. I will be showing it on the MemoryWorks message board next week. So I will share it when I launch it there. :) It's a little notepad.

Other then that my life is uneventful. :) Maybe that is okay though.

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