About Me

LaceyBug Creations was developed in 2006. The name LaceyBug (or Bug) was a nickname I was given when I was in High School and it just stuck. So when I started to craft and share my projects often, I decided to use this nickname. This is my creative name for not only my scrapbooking, but my sewing projects as well. You will find me on Etsy under LaceyBug Creations.
photo by Ben Kusler
photo by Ben Kusler
I am a graphic designer and crafter. I live in Minnesota with my husband and our adorable puppy, Spock.
I have been crafting my whole life, traditional scrapbooking for over 10 years and diving into my graphic design passion (seriously) for 9 years. I am currently studying Graphic Design and getting my 2nd BFA at Academy of Art University (San Fransisco). I do 100% online schooling. My focus is Identity and Print.