31 August 2007

A BIG no-no

So...after Matt said "I don't think you should be drinking Coffee this late" and me responding "oh it's no big deal - i'll be able to sleep no problem." I'm thinking I should have listened to him.

At about 8:45pm on my way home from the dance studio - I went to Atomic Coffee and grabbed a Vanilla Latte (my fav). Because I knew I had a newsletter to finish writing and I like lattes. So I got home and started plugging away on this newsletter for the dance studio (which has turned out quite well i think).

Matt got home after 9pm and asked if i should really be drinking coffee... Well I thought I'd be fine to go to sleep... it is now 12:30am and I'm wide awake...and the newsletter is completed.

So tomorrow I get to pay the consequences...oh goodie

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however, I know I can't stay away from the Enemy long...

22 August 2007

Cruise PIctures!

Alright here are some of the cruise pictures!! Finally - I know. I will work on getting a link to the pictures this weekend. But thought I'd give a sneak peek!!

The first picture on the boat
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Safety Meeting
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Me being Dramatic
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Tanning :D
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Matt & I laying out in the HOT sun!
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So there you have it - a few pictures from the cruise. I am going to order prints soon. This weekend. :D

I have noticed that my blog is VERY random. A lot of people have a focus on a topic. But Not me...so I may make a new title - "Lacey's Random Life!" Sounds good huh?

17 August 2007

Busy as a BEE

I feel like I have been so busy. I haven't even posted pictures from the cruise yet!! Well I have to Snapfish - but I can only email the link. SO If you want to see them let me know. Sunday or tonight I will try to get them up on photobucket so I can add a link.

Work has been busy this week as well. Plus, the Gasper DanceWear arrived on Wed. It looks soooooooo awesome. I will take pictures tonight and post. I designed all the logos and picked out the colors and items the logos would go on. I love it! Lots of work - but definitly worth it!

This weekend I'm going to the Cities for Emily's (friend & roommate in college) bachelorette party & Bridal shower. I am soooo excited - especially since I haven't seen her since we graduated. It's amazing how time flies and that I can't find time to see my good friends.

I hope to scrapbook tonight or sunday - so i'll post pics. I have so many pictures now to scrapbook. I am also ordering some papers and a 5 x 7 book for my cruise album. I don't know how i'm going to choose what pictures to put in it. I will also get all the other pictures printed from the cruise and just put them in a photo album.

1 hour left of work - i better find something to do! :D

14 August 2007

BACK from the CRUISE

Matt & I are back from the cruise and we had an AMAZING time. It was so freaking awesome and not long enough.

The boat was a blast and there was so much to do and so little time to do it all. The food was great as well. I felt like we were always eating and there was a huge variety of food to choose from! And dinners were GREAT! We sat next to this mother & son (Mary & Dwight) who were on the cruise for Dwight's 21st birthday. They were great and gave us lots of crusing tips!

We also met a great group of people who we hung out with a lot!!! They were so awesome and we had tons of fun together and great stories. Matt & I will definitly have to go down to Florida to visit them!

I will have tons of pictures tonight (i'll post a link and a few on here).

Matt & I are planning a cruise in 2009. We would love it if Family & Friends would join us. We were thinking a 5 day cruise (that means we get off the boat twice). It would be so much fun to go with a big group of people we know and we hope to do that! So August 2009 keep your Calendars open for a 5 day cruise!!!

05 August 2007

MemoryWorks August Express Kit

Well it has been awhile since I updated. I'm going on my cruise in only 3 days!!! I can not WAIT! I just have to start packing.

I got the MemoryWorks Express Kit for August last week and I wanted to share some of the projects I have made with it. This time around the altered item is an extra cost - and since the cruise is coming up - I don't have the extra money to buy it. So I made my own altered item out of the kit contents. I'm also sharing a card and a layout I made with the kit. (NOTE: These images are property of MemoryWorks - please do not take them.) You will just have to wait to check out the rest when it is up on the MemoryWorks website under their Gallery (located under inspiration).

Mini Album (made with the frame from the kit). I painted the frame with acrylic paint in blue and sanded the surface to make the metal come through after the paint was dry.
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So there you have it. Some new projects! I probably won't post till after the cruise - where hopefully i will have some wonderful pictures to share. I may post again this week - just not sure when i'll have time since i'm leaving on Wed. Morning!!!!