28 February 2011

Moved in

Friday was moving day.  It was a VERY cold moving day - temperatures in the negatives.  So the picture above is NOT the way the day was.  The ground is FULL of snow, it was not sunny and it was FREEZING!  But we are moved in. 

After everything was moved out of the apartment it was cleaning time.  Matt's mom helped us clean up the apt (we were there till midnight).  I'm thankful for her help though. 

Saturday was a day of home decor shopping.  I bought some fun glass vases & bottles, candles, sand & glass marbles for the bathroom decor.  It is looking good and really coming together.  Hobby Lobby was having a HUGE sale and I got 1 LARGE red Vase, 2 smaller vases, 1 jar for under $14!!

You can kind of see what I got...oh yes and that lovely basket which hand towels will be rolled up in.  Better pictures to come!  I also added a wooden pillar painted white and distressed & put a another blue candel on it...that is located with the q-tips & 2 jars on the right side.

Sunday another sort of shopping day, a search for new cable & internet and 3 movies!  OH and I soaked in the jet tub (finally).

I really didn't get much done this weekend.  I unpacked 2 SMALL boxes in my craft room and that is it.  So hopefully I'm a little more productive this week.  I hope to get the 2 big boxes in the dinning area unpacked so I can finish painting a small section.  And of course work on my craft room!  It will be a slow process...but we are moved in.

23 February 2011

Win a Silhouette

Do you want a chance to win a Silhouette die cutting machine???  Head over to "The DIY Show Off" blog and enter to win!

Personally this is one machine that has been on my wish list for a very long time!  The possibilities with it seem endless!  And I personally don't travel to crops often and a stationary die cutting machine would work well for me. :)  Good luck everyone.

22 February 2011

Coming soon...

Coming to my Etsy shop in March 2011! 


Okay, so I know I've talked about this for awhile, but with moving and renovating the house - I haven't had a lot of time to create or even take pictures of creations.  This will all change after this weekend.  WE move in Friday!  So "Hair Candy" will come to my shop Mid / End of March!

What is "Hair Candy"?
  • Hair candy is crochet headbands (grecian style) with matching accessories (crochet flowers & bows). 
  • I will be creating them for all ages (youth & adult).  They tie in the back, so it is one size fits all youth and one size fits all adult. 
  • They will come an array of colors to choose from
  • Clip accessories can be used with our without the headbands, giving you lots of options!
  • Custom color orders always welcomed
Photos and prices coming soon!

17 February 2011

A Fun Announcement

Today MemoryWorks, Simple Stories & Unity Stamp co announced their co-branding!!  Unity Stamp Co. will have stamp sets for ALL three of the Simple Stories lines!!  What a fantastic announcement on a special day - MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Head over to BOTH the Simple Stories & Unity Facebook pages for your chance to WIN WIN WIN!!!

10 February 2011


We are getting VERY close to moving into the house.  By the 25th we'll be fully moved in!  SERIOUSLY - and there is still so much work to do.  However, the bathroom is getting close to being finished...the tub works. No toliet yet.

Anyway - that room is NOT my dilemma right now.  My craft room is.  I love color and various color combinations, but trying to figure out the RIGHT one for the room, is becoming difficult.

So currently - the walls are painted Glidden "Wood Smoke" - it's a gray / taupe type color.  LOVE it!  The trim will all be white.  The closet doors may be white - not sure yet and have a panel attached that will have chalkboard paint on them (♥).

Color Combo 1 - This is SORT of what I was going for.  That is SORT of the gray color (kind of).  But the color combo of Gray, Teal / Peakcock Blue & Mustard Yellow or possibly a more paler yellow.  The vision in my mind... looks good :)
Kind of like this look - except instead of brown more gray

If you like this print go to: Sylvia C Photography
And you can check out this Peacock Treasury...kind of caputures the colors I love.

Color Combo 2 - Kind of a Shabby Chic look... Pale Pink, peachy, aqua, teal tones

Purchase this print at ELR 104

Okay so they are VERY similar!  The big differnce, is if I add pink.  Should I just stick with my original plan?

Here is a little collage i put together... my desk, Chalkboard paint will be on closet door, color combo, I want to build a bench to lounge on & store my 12x12 scrapbooks, and of course photo inspiration.
Any thoughts & ideas welcomed!

08 February 2011

Doing a little blog hopping

Blogs are simply amazing.  There are so many out there, many inspirational in various ways.  Usually I'm on the look out for scrapbook / crafting blogs that inspire me & my projects.  But lately, it's renovation, home decor, and do it yourself blogs.  I'm looking for ideas for the house and sometimes I find TOO many ideas.

Here are 2 photos that inspired me today... the first one is chalk board paint on a door.  The reason I picked this one, was not because their is chalkboard paint on the door (we are already going to do this to my closet doors in the craft room...but I love the banner decor on the chalkboard!  It takes that great chalkboard paint a step further!  Note to self, buy vinyl & digi die cutting software!

And this fire place!  Right now there is red brick around our fireplace and a beautiful piece of wood from Michigan and where Matt's Dad grew up.  We think it will be a better fit at the cabin, since it has sentimental meanings.

I love this mantle & fireplace though.  We definitely thought of tiling the fireplace and I love the idea of using these little square tiles... I think if we do something similar I'll want the small rectangle tiles that have different textured tiles on the sheet. 
Do you check out home decor blogs?  What are your favorites??

I love this site - Ana White!  I have a HUGE long to-do list over there!  Starting with an entry way bench!

OH and our bathroom will be in working condition by the end of the day!! TG! Renovation Gasper.

07 February 2011

I do create

Life is consumed by renovations.  But don't worry, I've found time to create...or knit.  I just added a few new cozies to my Etsy shop.  More sweetheart cozies (which I will continue making throughout the year... why just give love to your coffee cups around Valentine's?  I like to give my cups love ALL year round!) and some more Tea Cozies (flower cozies). 

After we move into the house (hopefully by the end of next week) I will have more time to knit and scrapbook.  My new space is 95% completed.  I just need to add some base trim, resurface the door & resurface the built in.  But that will come over time.  I'm so excited to move into the space though!

Here are a few new cozies I've created in the past few weeks



I have also had time to create a pair of custom ordered fingerless gloves for my friend Bonnie. She loves the color combo of Green, Red & Yellow and after a TRIAL pair of gloves that didn't turn out, I found the perfect yarn...here is the end results!
What a fun color combo to work with! Thanks Bonnie for asking me to create these for you!