28 August 2008


After reviewing the wig party pictures - I have 2 things to say. (1) I do not look good with bangs...my face looks super round (2) I do not look good with a wig on. I don't have a wig face. My hair is just perfect for me... :)

Those are my conclusions.

I finished a pair of leg warmers (which I started last spring or something). They are hot pink and have orange ribbon. I will take pictures and post soon! I love them.

Classes start at the studio next week - that is exciting! I just have to figure out what classes I'm going to take.

24 August 2008

Liz's Bachlorette Party

This weekend was Liz's Bachlorette Party! I was so excited to go and had a BLAST! It was held at Elly's cabin (Liz's sister Becca's Friends place) and wow it was beautiful! The lake home was just amazing! Becca was an awesome host for the weekend! She is so sweet and fun to be around and it was so great for her to do this for Liz.

It was a lot of fun to see Liz, Nicole & Kristen again! I haven't really seen them much since we all graduated and I miss them all lots! It was also nice to see Liz's sisters Becca & Jess and her Mom! Wow it has been too long since I've seen them all. It is crazy how I've known Liz since 5th GRADE!! Anywho I wanted to share some pictures from the weekend. We had a Wig party on Friday and went to some small town bars in Emily, MN.

Most these pics are from the wig party friday night!

Me & the BRIDE (Liz) - i'm in the red wig :)
Me, Liz & Nicole
All the girls at the Bungalow
Liz drinking
Nicole & I
Becca & Liz
Liz's Sister, Niece & Liz
Kristen & I - not sure why this one turned out so dark and I don't feel like editing it right now.

I had a great time. Here is a layout I made last week - this is not edited either and I took it with my new Point & Shoot instead of my slr.


21 August 2008

It's almost the end of AUGUST!

Here I am once again - not updating my life. This past month has been very busy (who knows why). I haven't really gotten any scrapbooking done lately. My weekends have been busy. The first weekend of August Matt & I went to a wedding in the cities - it was a beautiful wedding. My friend Sarah got married. She looked stunning. Than I had a weekend off. Oh the weekend before the wedding I went to a Bachlorette party in SOUTHERN MN. A friend from college is getting married this winter.

Than I had pretty much 2 weekends off. WE went to the lake last weekend because MAtt's sister & brother in law were up visiting. That was fun. I sat inside and watched the olympics with Matt's dad the whole day.

Olympics - I'm addicted!! I love watching everything and have found out how much it sucked watching gymnastics this year... This scoring system sucks!!! I didn't even enjoy watching gymnastics b/c of it. I cheered Michael Phelps on in all his races and I was so excited to watch Misty May & Kerry Walsch play again and win that gold!!! How awesome. So the olympics overall have been awesome!!!

I got a gym membership over a week ago. Which is taking up a lot of my evenings. I met with a personal trainer this week, he helped me learn the machines and put together a workout plan for me to follow. I'm really excited about it and to tone up and get in shape again!! I think my life is going to revolve around the gym now. I just have to get the eating part right (always the hard part...eating right and not crap all the time).

I bought a new point & shoot camera last weekend. I got this cutie! I downgraded from my last point & shoot (which the LCD screen was broken on)...but this one is cute and it will do the job. I mainly use my point & shoot if I'm going out (bars, parties, day trips, etc). If I don't want to lug my dSLR or the place is just not dSLR friendly. I usually have my p&s in my purse at all times - you never know when a photo op may come!

Alright as this blog has no importanence to anyone but myself... I'm glad I documented a month in my life.

This weekend I'm heading to brainerd area for Liz's Bachlorette weekend! I plan on taking LOTS of pictures with my new p&s!! So I'll post some soon. There are a few scrapbook pages I would like to post as well. I'll get around to it - eventually.