31 October 2007

They're here

Alright here are some pictures I promised. I just picked these really quickly - i still haven't had time to sort through all the photos.

Let me know what you think. Some of these pictures were taken during the performance... which is NOT easy (as I found out).

JACK & SALLY hug (Matt - my boyfriend is Jack & Sally is Mikal - a beautiful dancer in the company)
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"Step Into the Bad Side"
Matt is on the left and Patrick on the right
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"Nightmare Before Christmas" - Boogie Man (Patrick), Santa (Ashley), Nasty Nabbers (Mara, Caitlyn, Sarah), and Boogie Man backup Girls (Courtney, Renee, Tevia, Rachel)
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"Spider Woman" - Courtney (Amazing Dancer, on swing in this picture)
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There you have it. A few pictures from the show. Let me know what you think.


So I'm sitting at work - with NO motivation AT ALL! Drinking a REALLY GROSS latte - not sure what is wrong with it - but it doesn't taste right. I should just stop drinking it - instead of figuring out what the weird taste is. I've had not so good lattes - but this one is BAD...like there is an ingredient that doesn't belong. BLEH!

I will post some pictures tonight. I was going to last night - but my computer was being slow and dumb and I got frusterated and was tired - so I went to bed. So tonight I have a few picked out that I would like to post.

On that note I need to prepare for the accountant visit here at work. I just love fiscal year end (sarcasm)!

29 October 2007

1200 +

Yup, I took over 1200 pictures this weekend of the "Spooky Ballet", which I must add was AMAZING. There is still a performance tonight. I think I'll bring my camera - but not sure if I will take pictures - I may just sit back and watch.

I will get some pictures posted soon. I have to weed through them and do some editing. Figure out which ones are the best and should go on the CD i'm selling. I hope I got some amazing shots. But we'll find out. The ones I took from dress seemed pretty good. And last night I sat in the first row of the balcony (great seat! to take pictures).

So on that note.... keep checking back this week for pictures from the Ballet!

For now - i'm exhausted. Little sleep - lots of activity!

25 October 2007

Picture DAY!

Below are pictures from yesterday's "Spooky Ballets" rehearsal (10/24/2007) and some pictures I took on the way to the dance studio. I walked (since the studio and my apt are both located Downtown!)

Bras On Broadway (as I promised from yesterday's post)

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(walking from my apt to the dance studio I cross over 2 sets of tracks - crazy I know!)

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Here are pictures from "Spooky Ballet Rehearsal" - these shot are action shots - the girls are actually dancing and I didn't use a flash.

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And Matt dancing with the girls...
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24 October 2007

Bras on Broadway

This is the 2nd annual "Bras on Broadway" Benefit. It is to support breast cancer research. Okay the cool thing about this. A MAJOR sponsor is - The Hotel Donaldson. It's a swanky high end hotel here in Fargo and it's located downtown. Anyway... So women have been dropping their old bras off at various locations and the bars are now hanging from the Hotel Donaldson. There are ROWS of bras hanging off the building. I am hoping to get a picture tonight - since the even is tomorrow and I"m not sure when they are taking them down. Also, in the window they have a clothes line of really nice looking bras (the Fancy ones). So hopefully I can get some good shots tonight.

23 October 2007


Here is a few pictures from yesterday's rehearsal. I love these pictures! Not sure why. Let me know what you think and what I could improve on. Thanks!

I would post more - but don't have permission yet for the little kids.

I am also working with watermarks I like. that is why there are 2 different ones.

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This is one of Matt giving direction
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power outage

Well the power went out in my whole block. or 2 or 3. The power was out in my whole area where i live. Today at lunch. I couldn't even cook lunch today! AGH! So it may not be till the weekend till the pictures are posted. I'll do my best - because I'm excited about them and excited to share them!


I'm getting super excited for the "Spooky Ballets" this upcoming weekend. I stopped by rehearsal yesterday to take pictures and seeing them in their costumes was GREAT. The costumes are awesome for 'Nightmare before christmas' I can't wait to see the show on stage with the special effects!

I will try to get some pictures posted tonight of last nights rehearsal. I didn't get any of the girls in costume - but I did get them rehearsing!

I am starting to learn a lot about my camera. I have been reading tons and practicing on stupid stuff like the TV stand. Great thing about digital - i can just delete it.

Stay posted for pictures tonight (hopefully)

20 October 2007

Posting Queen

I have been a posting queen these past few days. It's the excitement of the new camera!

Below is the layout I made for Leah's Circle Journal. Topic: Favorite Color

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hidden journaling tag
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another angle
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19 October 2007


so I finally took some pictures tonight. The first one is for a circle journal I am involved with. I got Leah's journal right now. I took the picture on my patio wearing a white shirt and white polkadot hair scarf. I than turned it black and white and applied the color purple. Her topic is Favorite colores!

These pictures were taken with my new Canon Digital Rebel XT and the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 lense

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This is another picture - I don't really like. but it was one of the first i've taken.

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Camera, Auditions and other junk

My lense came yesterday! Wow it's so nice! I'm super excited. Afterwork it was waiting in the mail box! Than I had to go get a memory card so I could actually use the camera! That set me back $70.00. EEKS. I also decided since I was spending money - might as well get a tripod as well. So that is what i did! I bought a tripod too. I think i'm done spending money for awhile.

I hope it doesn't rain all weekend so I can go out and play with the new camera! It is so awesome and I'm way pumped about it!

On Sunday I'm going to audition for the "Holiday Show" at the dance studio. Well it's for the FM Ballet... but auditions are at the dance studio. I miss performing and really dancing. So we'll see. There are so many great dancers though - so i'm not going to get my hopes up. It's just something I was interested in doing. Change of pace in life...right?!?

"Spooky Ballets" open in a week and a few days. So if you live in Fargo - get your tickets. It's going to be an awesome show! I can't wait to see the completed show with costumes, the stage and lights! It's going to be so exciting. Plus there is a costume contest. I will not enter - b/c i don't really qualify... i know the entire board and am dating the Artistic Director. TOo much favortism. But it's fun to just dress up! So I'm going to.

Watch for pictures this weekend!!!

18 October 2007

I'm Excited!!!

My lense is finally here!!! It arrived today. I haven't used it yet - because i had to go get a memory card and now I'm at the studio waiting for dance class. so hopefully tonight I'll take a picture of SOMETHING!!! Just so i use it today!!! OMG i'm super excited!

16 October 2007

It's FINALLY here

YEs, the camera arrived TODAY!! I'm soooooooo excited. Except. Mine lens won't be here till the end of the week or monday of next week. So boo on that. But that gives me time to read the manual and stuff. Right :D I should be doing that right now instead of typing this blog.

I still haven't found a camera bag i love. WEll besides the Jill-e bags. Maybe i'll ask for one for Christmas! Hum... yes I should do that!

I'm so excited to play with it i'm bursting! I guess it's better to have a camera and no lens than a lens and no camera...right?

15 October 2007

TOMORROW, Tomorrow...

The Camera base comes TOMORROW! OMG I'm so excited!! I can't believe it's almost here! The lense won't be here till later this week or early next week - so I will just have to admire the camera base for a few days. Hopefully I get it by the weekend - so I can practice and play!

So now the task is to find a camera bag. I want something cute and girlie. On one site someone said Jill-e has cute bags. But they are out of my price range (since i just bought a camera and lense).

Here is the site: http://www.jill-e.com/index.html

I like the:
Small Red Leather bag ($159.99)
Small Brown Nylon bag ($129.99)

Super cute! I also like the yellow small bag!!

If anyone else has a suggestion for a camera bag i'm open for suggestions. I would really like some color to my bag.

13 October 2007

I bought it

Okay post #2 for the day. I BOUGHT MY LENSE!!! It should arrive later in the week next week or monday the following week! OMG this is soooo real - i'm finally getting my DSLR!!! This is super exciting.

Next I need a camera bag & i want a tripod!

I'm super excited!!!!!!

Halloween Coasters

I love Halloween and the older I get the more fun it is!!! It is such a fun holiday. I recieved my MemoryWorks Express Kit a few days ago and there was a sheet of paper with circle images on it. I had the perfect idea for them - COASTERS!!! I cut the images out and coated both sides with Mod Podge for protection. I than adhered them to Self Adhesive Felt in orange & black! I think they turned out super cute!

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I also want to share some pictures from the wedding (Emily's Wedding).
The Girls - College friends!
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It was a blast and so great to see my friends from college again at one time! It hasn't been that way since we graduated college! I am so happy Em invited us to her beautiful wedding and she made a STUNNING Bride! oh the 2nd picture - we are crazy!

10 October 2007

I did it!

I ordered my camera today. I'm so excited! It should arrive next week. I will order my lens later this week or this weekend! I can't tell you how excited it am!!!

The wedding this past weekend was beautiful. Emily looked stunning and super happy! It was so much fun and to see the college girls again! I will post pics sometime this week or weekend.

So that is the update in my life.

Remember if you live in Fargo come see the FM Ballet first performance of the season: "Spooky Ballets"!

05 October 2007

Almost there!

I am so excited. I almost have enough money saved up for my new camera!! And once I sell my old camera I will have enough for the lens. I seriously can't wait. I've been reading about the camera and lenses and DSLRs...and it just excites me so much!!!!!

Okay enough about that. I'm going to Em's wedding this weekend. I can't wait. I know she is going to look stunning and it's going to be so much fun! Becky, Kate, Beth, Jodi and myself are sharing a hotel room! That will rock!

That's all for now. I should have wedding pics posted after I get back!

03 October 2007

Ghosts, goblins and Nightmare Before Christmas?

As I have said many times. Matt is the Artistic Director (and principal dancer) of the Fargo Moorhead Ballet Company. Last year was their first "Spooky Ballets". It is a really fun event that takes place at the Fargo Theatre - in downtown Fargo. This year the show has a featured performance of "Nightmare Before Christmas - Suites". It is going to be an awesome show! The Fargo Moorhead Ballet also has a larger company than last year...so the really good dancers will carry the performance! It's going to be great for those younger kids in the show and watching to see if they work hard how good they can be!

Anyway. A big part of the show is advertising. And well it's October and there hasn't been much advertisment yet. So I made this design that i'm printing on little flyers. They are like wallet sized. I will be putting them at coffee shops, having Matt bring some to the colleges, and bringing them to other little businesses around town. I hope the seats fill. If you live in Fargo (or close by). The performance has a costume contest, the Fargo theatre has refreshments (popcorn, pop, candy), and the performance is going to be AMAZING!! I seriously can't wait.

here is the flyer:
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Also, i have posted some items on Etsy. It's not going to well right now. I think I may need to start focusing on Christmas instead of Halloween. I haven't sold a thing yet. Or maybe b/c I'm so new people are afraid to buy. Hopefully it will happen and I find my nitch on Etsy.

Here is my latest post. If you love them - go to my etsy account and purchase them!! I have 2 sets and the images are hand drawn!

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