31 October 2007


So I'm sitting at work - with NO motivation AT ALL! Drinking a REALLY GROSS latte - not sure what is wrong with it - but it doesn't taste right. I should just stop drinking it - instead of figuring out what the weird taste is. I've had not so good lattes - but this one is BAD...like there is an ingredient that doesn't belong. BLEH!

I will post some pictures tonight. I was going to last night - but my computer was being slow and dumb and I got frusterated and was tired - so I went to bed. So tonight I have a few picked out that I would like to post.

On that note I need to prepare for the accountant visit here at work. I just love fiscal year end (sarcasm)!


leah said...

Lookin' forward to seeing those pics. Hope you're feeling alittle more energetic. ;)

Michelle Jo Klomp said...

They probably burnt the shot...going to starbucks everyday I have learned a little about coffee...lol

When they put the shots in the cup if they do not add milk within 10 seconds it burns the shot and ruins the whole coffee.