03 October 2007

Ghosts, goblins and Nightmare Before Christmas?

As I have said many times. Matt is the Artistic Director (and principal dancer) of the Fargo Moorhead Ballet Company. Last year was their first "Spooky Ballets". It is a really fun event that takes place at the Fargo Theatre - in downtown Fargo. This year the show has a featured performance of "Nightmare Before Christmas - Suites". It is going to be an awesome show! The Fargo Moorhead Ballet also has a larger company than last year...so the really good dancers will carry the performance! It's going to be great for those younger kids in the show and watching to see if they work hard how good they can be!

Anyway. A big part of the show is advertising. And well it's October and there hasn't been much advertisment yet. So I made this design that i'm printing on little flyers. They are like wallet sized. I will be putting them at coffee shops, having Matt bring some to the colleges, and bringing them to other little businesses around town. I hope the seats fill. If you live in Fargo (or close by). The performance has a costume contest, the Fargo theatre has refreshments (popcorn, pop, candy), and the performance is going to be AMAZING!! I seriously can't wait.

here is the flyer:
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Also, i have posted some items on Etsy. It's not going to well right now. I think I may need to start focusing on Christmas instead of Halloween. I haven't sold a thing yet. Or maybe b/c I'm so new people are afraid to buy. Hopefully it will happen and I find my nitch on Etsy.

Here is my latest post. If you love them - go to my etsy account and purchase them!! I have 2 sets and the images are hand drawn!

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leah said...

Awww. Sorry it's not going well, Lacey ~ I hae the same hope, once I get mine set up... camera!