30 November 2010

MemoryWorks Retreat 2011

It's the time of year to START saving your pennies for the 2011 MemoryWorks retreat!!  2010 was a year of rest for the MemoryWorks family, but recently they announced the dates of their 2011 retreat.  I'm beyond thrilled about this event, as I've gone to both of the previous retreats.

If you have not gone to a MemoryWorks retreat, I HIGHLY recommend it.  This retreat is open to the general public.

  • Theresa Collins (♥ her! I'm so EXCITED about this class)
  • Layle Koncar (Pink Paislee) - my Favorite Company!
  • Madison Parker (Echo Park)
  • Jodi Sanford (Fancy Pants)
  • KC Burningham (My Mind's Eye)
  • Wendy Morris (Simple Stories)
  • Laura Walker (Cosmo Cricket)
and 3 more classes to be announced soon!!

Throughout the next few weeks and months I'll be doing weekly highlights of my past experience on the retreat and show you some of the great products from the companies above.  I have met 5 of the instructors listed above already and attendees are in for a treat!

29 November 2010

Silly lil Monkey

I've recently been able to do some scrapbooking for fun for me.  Here is one layout I came up with the other day "Silly Boy".  Of course featuring my ADORABLE nephew.  Makes me want it to be summer again.  Since he was a little baby everyone called him Monkey off and on.  So I thought this paper was very fitting.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

26 November 2010

I've got a lot of crafting to share

I love holidays and having time off.  I have started building my inventory up more for the Craft Fair on December 4 (Check out my Events section for information).  These items will not go up on my Etsy site until after December 4...depending what I have left for stock.  Check out my Etsy site for current inventory!  There is still lots of great stuff in there. I'm still offering FREE holiday cards with Etsy purchases.

Mr. & Mrs. Claus - perfect for your Christmas morning coffee / tea / coco drink.  These would make great stocking stuffers or a sweet new tradition with your honey.
Knitted Mitten Ornaments - These are a new addition to my knitting family.  They would look darling on any Tree this holiday season
Gift Tags (set of 10) - These simple holiday tags have double sided tape on the backside to make for a perfect tag on a gift.  Each tag is hand stamped by myself using various stamps, ink and paper.
Cards - here are a few new cards I've also added to my inventory.  I sell them for $3 each or 5 cards for $10.  After the craft fair I hope to get some of these up on my Etsy site.

Note: These products are CRAFT FAIR ONLY, at this time.  Check my Etsy shop after December 4th to see what inventory I have left over.

23 November 2010

Swap & ATC

I recently hosted an ATC (Artist Trading Card) Swap on the MemoryWorks Message boards.  The participants each made 9-10 ATC's using one paper line.  I had this idea months ago that I make ATC's to show of different paper lines MemoryWorks carries and someone suggested doing an ATC swap.  This way as a consultant you don't have to buy every paper line.  Success.  We had 3 swap group of 8-10 people.

Here is the one I made for ATC Swap group 1. 
Supplies used 
My Minds Eye:  Union Square Theme Set, Perfect Stamps, Beautiful Day Trims, Pretty Stamps
American Crafts: Kraft Paper
Pink Paislee: Parisian Anthology Stamps
Ranger: Stickles - Rock Candy, Perfect Pearl Mists - Heirloom Gold
Ribbon & Tim Holtz Tattered Flower die cut.

Here was my living room when I was sorting out the ATCs
This wasn't even all of them!  It was lots of fun though and all the ATCs looked AWESOME!!

21 November 2010

Busy knitting

Lots of knitting going on.  I have recently completed some custom knitted coffee cozies for a customer!  They turned out great and are off in the mail to her.  I've been also building my inventory for the upcoming craft fair.  I'm knitting cozies and ornaments (so far).  I hope to get some fingerless gloves completed as well.

Here are some of the custom orders I made:
I also bought a new printer today.  An Epson!!  Finally NEW printer!!!  I haven't had a new printer for about 10 years now when I was a freshman in college.  So this is a BIG deal.  It is wireless, but of course I'm struggling getting it hooked up.  I need to get a USB cord to set it up.  Good thing I'm going to Best Buy tonight to see my friend Ann.

18 November 2010

21 Challenge

I haven't forgotten the 21 challenge.  I have thought long and hard about what I set forth to do for myself and decided... I am too busy right now with custom orders for knitting, building inventory and design team projects.  I'm exhausted and tired. 

I think I set out to change a habit, I'm not fully ready to commit to changing.  The first step of changing something is WANTING to change that something.  If you are not fully willing too, it is harder to try to change that aspect of yourself or life.

Now I am continuing to try to think positively when it comes to dance class and i have been making progress.  But currently don't have the time to write it down, make art about it or even blog about it on a daily basis. 

I have not given up...just haven't put full 110% effort into this.  I continue to change my habit in my own time which could mean weeks, months or years.

Best to those who are going strong on the 21 challenge!  I'll be your cheerleader!

Holiday Daily

Scrapbooking CRAZE!!!  Holiday Daily Albums.  I couldn't resist (not that I don't have a million other things to do)... I Had to make myself a Holiday Daily Album.  This album will capture all the fun December activities I have from Dec 1 - 25.

Ali Edward's has been doing this for a few years now, but like anything - it takes a little for others to really catch on and participate! 

Here is page 1.  I still have work to do on it...like add a cover, insert dates, photos & journaling will come in December.  But for the most part it is set up and ready to go!!
I used the bulldog clips to hold this together while I punched the holes on the edge. It worked really well to hold all the pages together and kept them lined up.  I'll be using this technique again in the future.

Did you make a December Daily this year?

17 November 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy & me
Happy Birthday to the most WONDERFUL dad and Grandpa in the world!! 

Have a great day celebrating, don't work too hard (haha), have a great dinner with drinks and end with a wonderful dessert!  You are amazing, hard working, loving, and always can make me laugh!
Chad, Lucas & Dad (3 generations of Igo's)
definite jokester

My Messy Room

First off, I have a LOT of stamps. This past weekend I organized my scrapbook room (a little bit). I cleaned out my 5 drawer plastic rolling thing, it is the new home of my acrylic stamps. The location I had them was just not good enough anymore (there are still stamps in that 3 drawer container though). I had to clean to because my room was a MESS. There were paper stacks everywhere, partial projects laying around and bags of yarn.

Before (scary - i know)

Better, at least I can walk in there now.

16 November 2010

Holiday Cozy

The holiday's are quickly approaching.  I've been knitting like a crazy person to fulfill orders as well as build up stock for the upcoming craft fair (December 4).

Here are a few items I've created lately.  The first is a holiday coffee cozy.  How cute would this be on Christmas morning?!?

This item was made for my friend Jessica who ordered 3 pairs of fingerless gloves. My friend Ann is modeling a pair I made for her (birthday gift).
she is a great hand model!  Thanks Ann!

I'm also working on my display ideas for the holiday craft fair - I need more time in a day!

15 November 2010

Card making with Ann

My friend Ann was unable to attend my card making class so we made a Sunday afternoon date out of it.

Here are some photos of our afternoon.  I used a retro wash on them.
With our coffee cozies (made by me) - Notice the holiday colors.  If you love the Christmas flower one, check out my Etsy shop!
Our favorite cards we made.
There you have it!  A fun afternoon with paper & glue and a great friend!

11 November 2010

My love for interior design

The most EXCITING thing about renovating a home, is interior design (well for me anyway!!)  I have all these ideas for the decorating of most the rooms or at least a rough idea.

Today I was looking for kitchen inspiration.  We are resurfacing the cabinets white (they are great cabinets, just need an update), getting new hardware and a new counter top (which I'm thinking some form of black).  I've been doing a little back splash searching as well...  What do you think of this (obviously not in brown).  I really like the pattern.

We will have stainless steel type appliances, white cabinets, black counter top, not sure on floors yet either and the walls, no clue... I want some color on them. I think I have lots of ideas and no direction right now...except I know for sure on the cabinets & countertop.  I want to brighten the room up!  We are also taking down a wall to open it up to the living room! 

Matt's focus right now is the bathroom.  Maybe I should focus on those fixtures right now too.

Bonnie Rose - A Life Unrehearsed

Bonnie Rose - A Life Unrehearsed
My friend Bonnie is very talented and so sweet!  She is the one who recommended me as a vendor at this Holiday Craft Fair on December 4th!  Thank you girl!!

Bonnie will also be a vendor at the event and will be selling her BEAUTIFUL handmade cards!  She is also a Rendi stylist, so make sure you visit her to find out what all that is about (and place an order for some great personalized holiday gifts).

Here are a few of her cards (not sure exactly what will be sold that day - but this is her style.)  Check out her Etsy page for more!
Darling right??  She is selling her cards at $2.50 a piece or 5 for $10.  Cash only.  Now that is a deal!

Have you EVER looked at the price of cards you buy at the store??  Seriously?  They range from $3.25 - $8 something now.  WOW I know.  I bet you don't even notice because you are buying a million other things with that card. 

You can get 5 CARDS for basically the price of ONE card you get at the store... and these cards are BEAUTIFULLY handmade with lots of love.  You can't beat that!

Holiday Craft & Vendor Fair
Saturday, December 4, 2010
9am - 4pm
Living Waters Church
40th Ave & 45th Street
Fargo, ND

Make sure you come visit Bonnie & I - we'll have some great things for you to purchase as gifts or even for yourself!!

How to find Bonnie online:

10 November 2010

Day 6 - Just do it

DAY 6 - Just Do It
Sometimes, you just need to do it.  No thinking, no prepping.  That is what I did today.  No mind pep talks, I just went to the gym and enjoyed my workout. : )  And I used my new stamps i got in the mail today on this page :D

09 November 2010

21 Challenge - Day 4 & 5

Sometimes I'm not good with change or unexpected things.  Monday I went to dance, thinking my normal teacher would be teaching.  NOT the case.  Another instructor warmed us up.  UNEXPECTED.  I took a deep breath and told myself, it will be okay, you will LOVE class today.  And I did!
21 challenge 
I have a reoccurring pain spot - my right hamstring! Today it decided to BLOW up!  Tears ran down my face during stretching, but I was able to make it through class without too much pain, until the end.  I was done at that point.  I'm glad I MODIFIED today and to still participate.  The song was from one of my favorite groups.  When in doubt, don't push too hard when I'm in pain, modify and do the BEST I can do!  I just want this pain to go away - ouch.
21 challenge

08 November 2010


I've been knitting and knitting and knitting.... A mom at the dance studio ordered 6 cozies for gifts this holiday season.  Here are a few that I created for her.

More to come soon and more to be added to my Etsy shop in the coming weeks.  Lots of ideas I want to try... now to find the time.

Also, I'll be a vendor at a Craft Fair in Fargo on December 4th!  More details to come soon!

07 November 2010

21 Day Challenge - Day 1, 2 & 3

I'm participating in Rhonna Farrer's 21 Challenge!!!

My habit I want to change in 21 days:
To not get frustrated or upset at Dance / Fitness classes when I'm feeling tired, that I can't do something, or I'm bad at it.  I am focusing on taking that feelings and turning them into positive thoughts to learn something new and just do it, vs. dwelling that I can't and getting upset.

Day 1 - Sometimes it is so hard to just get myself to the gym...
21 challenge

Day 2 - I would rather SLEEP in on Saturday, but I feel so good after 2 hours of working out (zumba & circuit training)
21 challenge

Day 3 - You need days off sometimes. Mentally & physically.
21 challenge

Are you doing the 21 challenge?  it's not to late to join in.  Let me know!  We can help support each other.

03 November 2010

More on Etsy!

My shop is filling up with some GREAT items!  I will be adding new coffee cozies, home made cards and a set of holiday gift tags!  Plus 2 pairs of fingerless gloves!

Head over to LaceyBug Creations Etsy shop before it's too late!  I also take custom orders on knitting and scrapbooking.  If you are interested in an item or color you do not see, please contact me.