11 November 2010

Bonnie Rose - A Life Unrehearsed

Bonnie Rose - A Life Unrehearsed
My friend Bonnie is very talented and so sweet!  She is the one who recommended me as a vendor at this Holiday Craft Fair on December 4th!  Thank you girl!!

Bonnie will also be a vendor at the event and will be selling her BEAUTIFUL handmade cards!  She is also a Rendi stylist, so make sure you visit her to find out what all that is about (and place an order for some great personalized holiday gifts).

Here are a few of her cards (not sure exactly what will be sold that day - but this is her style.)  Check out her Etsy page for more!
Darling right??  She is selling her cards at $2.50 a piece or 5 for $10.  Cash only.  Now that is a deal!

Have you EVER looked at the price of cards you buy at the store??  Seriously?  They range from $3.25 - $8 something now.  WOW I know.  I bet you don't even notice because you are buying a million other things with that card. 

You can get 5 CARDS for basically the price of ONE card you get at the store... and these cards are BEAUTIFULLY handmade with lots of love.  You can't beat that!

Holiday Craft & Vendor Fair
Saturday, December 4, 2010
9am - 4pm
Living Waters Church
40th Ave & 45th Street
Fargo, ND

Make sure you come visit Bonnie & I - we'll have some great things for you to purchase as gifts or even for yourself!!

How to find Bonnie online:


Bonita Rose said...

Thanks Lacey... u are such a doll!!! xoxoox MWAH

LadyBird said...

You are right on all accounts! Bonnie is so sweet and talented and her cards are adorable!