21 November 2010

Busy knitting

Lots of knitting going on.  I have recently completed some custom knitted coffee cozies for a customer!  They turned out great and are off in the mail to her.  I've been also building my inventory for the upcoming craft fair.  I'm knitting cozies and ornaments (so far).  I hope to get some fingerless gloves completed as well.

Here are some of the custom orders I made:
I also bought a new printer today.  An Epson!!  Finally NEW printer!!!  I haven't had a new printer for about 10 years now when I was a freshman in college.  So this is a BIG deal.  It is wireless, but of course I'm struggling getting it hooked up.  I need to get a USB cord to set it up.  Good thing I'm going to Best Buy tonight to see my friend Ann.

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