16 November 2010

Holiday Cozy

The holiday's are quickly approaching.  I've been knitting like a crazy person to fulfill orders as well as build up stock for the upcoming craft fair (December 4).

Here are a few items I've created lately.  The first is a holiday coffee cozy.  How cute would this be on Christmas morning?!?

This item was made for my friend Jessica who ordered 3 pairs of fingerless gloves. My friend Ann is modeling a pair I made for her (birthday gift).
she is a great hand model!  Thanks Ann!

I'm also working on my display ideas for the holiday craft fair - I need more time in a day!

1 comment:

Bonita Rose said...

I hear you about more time.. I'm not sweating the craft fair too much.. I figure my cards will be the shining star u know?? I don't wanna go too crazy on display items...
hey.. after the fair, can u make me a pair of fingerless gloves just like this.. same pattern? I'm thinking on the color.. I'll get back to you on that.. I'm thinking red, pink and yellow, if u can combine colors.. if not.. red will do! hugs xo