29 February 2008

February Calendar Page

Alright here it is - my February Calendar page for the Calendar Challenge!!


I choose to do a layout of Matt, since it's the month of LOVE. And he is my love. These pictures really reflect his personality. I love it!


I was attending to Matt's needs last night when I got home from dance that I didn't get my Calendar page posted. I will work on it this afternoon.

There is still time. You have until 11:59 pm to get those pages posted and link me! So far I have one person entered. Remember you have a chance to win a RAK!

Update on Matt: He has a leg brace on and is on 2 pain killers. He says it still hurts though. Lets just hope it feels better and he takes it easy. He has an audition next weekend.

28 February 2008


I'm posting AGAIN today.

Update on Matt. He had an MRI at 1pm and is now at home resting and has meds. So good. His mom is still in town so she will be teaching his classes tonight. GOOD. He needs to take it easy.

Here is an ad (blk & wht and full color) i made for the dance studio. It will go in the FM Ballet's Children Ballet program.


I also started working on their spring recital program...it's going to be cool!!


On a not so light note. If you could keep my boyfriend Matt in your thoughts and prayers I'd appreciate it. He is a dancer and last night he believes he dislocated his GOOD knee. He really needs mental and physical strength right now. He is going to the doctor's today - so HOPEFULLY it is just really sore and not as bad as he thinks it is. But who knows. Thank you

On a lighter note. I finished my calendar page last night for my challenge. HOWEVER, i didn't take a picture yet. I will do that tonight! It is still not to late to enter. I accept digital layouts as well. So lets see those February Calendar pages! Just link me to the page you have it posted or email them to me at laceybugcreations@yahoo.com

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

UPDATE: Matt went to the walk in clinic around 10:15am....I will hopefully see him over lunch to hear what is up...i seriously can't think, my stomach is churning...agh I just hope everything is okay.

26 February 2008

Get them in!

How are those Calendar pages coming?? Remember....you have until FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29th, 2008 at 11:59pm to post your February Calendar pages to be qualified to win a RAK!!!

Lets see some pages!!!

I have one so far.

Please post here.

25 February 2008

Tag your it!

SO, Leah tagged me! So here it goes!

The Rules:
You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.

My middle name is... Ann (yes it's SHORT!)

Ambitious: I'm very ambitious when it comes to different aspects of my life. Especially with things I love (Scrapbooking, Photography & Knitting). I'm always striving to improve and grow as an artist/crafter and to grow in the business side of things. I try to succeed to inspire others and share my creativity.

Nice: I think I'm a nice person and often times too nice. I will do pretty much anything for anyone and always have.

Neat: I'm often a VERY neat person at work. I keep my place tighty and hate when my desk is messy. At home it's a WHOLE different story. I'm a very cluttery person. I have piles EVERYwhere!

23 February 2008

Ball of yarn

My mom sent me legwarmers she knitted. I got them yesterday. They are SUPER cute - i'll post pictures soon. I need to run to the yarn store to get some pink yarn - not sure why i'm addicted to PINK yarn but I am. I am going to make PINK legwarmers. Ooo i can't wait. I think i have a legwarmer addiction. But it's something I can knit that i actually need lots of pairs of (because of dancing). I need to figure out some NEW knitting projects. HAHA. That only take 1 ball of yarn. Must find book.

My friend Kate is in town - so I hung out with the girls last night and we are going out again today & tonight. We are going to go see Juno this afternoon. And probably shopping (yes!). I love hanging with the girls and realize I seriously don't do it enough!!

Lunch time!

OH PS - I'm a PINK PAISLEE addict and they have this AWESOME - FREAKING AWESOME COMMUNITY!!!! Check it out - Live Pink

20 February 2008

Circle Journal

Here is my circle journal page i created this month. :D Topic: Favorite Escape


Winter - go AWAY

I wish this FREEZING weather would go away. It is -30 (without Windchill right now). That's not cool. This weekend it's suppose to be 30 above though. Weather is so weird to me. How quickly it can jump in temperatures. I don't know who said there is global warming - but SERIOUSLY?!? It's been super cold here in Fargo for at least 2 months. We usually only have 1 or 2 weeks of SUPER COLD weeks. Not this year. We've had like 2 months of SUPER cold weather. I must say TEA is yummy on a cold day...

(picture from photobucket.com)

To answer Leah's question...comment... My NEW camera isn't broken. It's my little camera that I tote around every where I go. Note to self - bring it into Best Buy to see if I got the warranty.

CALENDAR CHALLENGE - FEBRUARY!! Lets see some layouts ladies (and gentlemen). I will be working on mine tonight or tomorrow. So look out for my calendar page in the next few days!!! The hardest part is choosing paper to use. Maybe Cosmo Cricket or Daisy Ds...what do you think?? You have until February 29, 2008 at 11:59pm to get your pages posted!! Winner will receive a RAK from me. LU - i sent your RAK this week (sorry it took forever). Link me in this BLOG Posting to enter for February's Calender Page!

I also need to post pictures of my CJ I did this month. Topic - Favorite Escapes. I'll try to get on that tonight!! I have taken photos and uploaded them...now I just have to share!

I also need to get working on my classes for March. I hope people sign up for them. I want to have an Acrylic Frame class, Recipe card class & a Fundraiser crop for the Ballet Company. Not sure if that will all happen in March - but at least 2 of them will. Crop & a class.

Ooo I can't wait till some of my projects are released for MW...some won't be revealed till APRIL! But they are great! Can't wait to share them with you all.

17 February 2008

My Birthday

I had my birthday celebration last night (today is the actual day) and here are some pictures!! The are kind of weird because my camera LCD screen is broken...so you don't know WHAT you are taking a picture of.

Matt & I
Molly Gave me these pink fuzzy ears!!
Myself, Molly & Mikael (I look a little psycho...lol)
Ann & myself

12 February 2008

U <3 Me

Michele A. had a challenge on the MemoryWorks Message board - her chat was tonight and she posted this mini-album project! Here is my take on her mini-album directions. I made it as a Valentine for Matt!

I know - I'm a BIG sap!!! :D

I have a cold...

I hate this time of year. I have a cold. It's not fun. My nose is itchy and runny & stuffy all at the same time (if that is possible). My throat hurts, and i feel GROGGY!!! This always happens right around my birthday. So lets hope this passes over quickly... cross my fingers.

Okay on to more positive things. LOL

Calendar Challenge: Post your layouts for February. Remember the deadline for this month is February 29th @ 11:59pm! Lu, your RAK will be sent this week. It was too cold & icky to go the post office this past weekend!

Paper Vinyl Clutch: I have put the directions in a PDF format for those who are interested. Leave me a message or email me at - laceybugcreations@yahoo.com

Tonight I will post a project I put together for the MemoryWorks message board. Michele A has a really cool challenge tonight on the board. So if you are a MemoryWorks consultant - drop by the board tonight around 8pm centeral time (i believe) to chat and check out the neat project she has created!!! I will post my creation on the board and here on my blog! I will be joining the chat after 8:30pm (I have Jazz class till 8:20pm).

08 February 2008


I'm so excited!!! A project I worked on in December has been released!!!

I'm not sure if this link will work for Non-MemoryWorks consultants but give it a try. Other wise I will post projects as soon as I get home!


I made a purse using scrapbooking products. I'm sure excited about it and it turned out so cute. I do have the pattern and directions - so if anyone is interested leave me a note or email me at: laceybugcreations@yahoo.com

My Valentine's Class will not be happening this weekend. No one signed up. So now I'm shooting for a CROP in March, as a fundraiser for the Fargo-Moorhead Ballet Company. So definitly more to come and more classes to come! I just need to keep plugging away on it!

Supposively we are suppose to have a Blizzard this weekend. Which means - I get to play catch up on projects both knitting (which i need to finish a scarf) and scrapbooking - which i have PLENTY to do!

So look out for more projects to be posted this weekend!

Happy Friday!

03 February 2008


I finished my leg warmers this weekend!! Check them out! I love how they turned out. I just have to add the elastic to the top so they will stay on and they are COMPLETE!!!

There are other projects I'd LOVE to share with you all - but they have to wait since they are Creative Team projects for MemoryWorks. But I added a picture sneak peek below!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


01 February 2008

January Calendar Winner

Lu is the big winner this month. Please email me at laceybugcreations@yahoo.com with your address so I can send you your RAK!!!

Remember, you can join in at ANY time! So lets see those February Layouts!!! Due date is: February 29, 2008 at 11:59pm.

Please post ALL february Calendar projects to THIS blog thread! That way I can find them and they are in 1 place.

Here is the winning Calendar Layout for January!

Lu's Layout (check out her blog: http://luslovelies.blogspot.com/)