03 February 2008


I finished my leg warmers this weekend!! Check them out! I love how they turned out. I just have to add the elastic to the top so they will stay on and they are COMPLETE!!!

There are other projects I'd LOVE to share with you all - but they have to wait since they are Creative Team projects for MemoryWorks. But I added a picture sneak peek below!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



leah said...

Great job, Lacey! They look awesome. :D

maryjo said...

loving the leg warmers! awesome job & great choice of color. can't wait to see what you do w/ this months kit. maryjo

ps. i laos love your header btw!

Lisa said...

love the leg warmers!! soooo cute! you should sell them! (if you're not already lol)

oh and i love the way you photographed them!

Lu said...

Lacey, they are so cute! Looks like they'd take forever, you must be proud! Maybe someday I'll get back into knitting...nah...I'll get my mom to do it. LOL!

Sarah said...

Great job!

You have me all curious with your sneak peek....can't wait to see what it is!