20 February 2008

Winter - go AWAY

I wish this FREEZING weather would go away. It is -30 (without Windchill right now). That's not cool. This weekend it's suppose to be 30 above though. Weather is so weird to me. How quickly it can jump in temperatures. I don't know who said there is global warming - but SERIOUSLY?!? It's been super cold here in Fargo for at least 2 months. We usually only have 1 or 2 weeks of SUPER COLD weeks. Not this year. We've had like 2 months of SUPER cold weather. I must say TEA is yummy on a cold day...

(picture from photobucket.com)

To answer Leah's question...comment... My NEW camera isn't broken. It's my little camera that I tote around every where I go. Note to self - bring it into Best Buy to see if I got the warranty.

CALENDAR CHALLENGE - FEBRUARY!! Lets see some layouts ladies (and gentlemen). I will be working on mine tonight or tomorrow. So look out for my calendar page in the next few days!!! The hardest part is choosing paper to use. Maybe Cosmo Cricket or Daisy Ds...what do you think?? You have until February 29, 2008 at 11:59pm to get your pages posted!! Winner will receive a RAK from me. LU - i sent your RAK this week (sorry it took forever). Link me in this BLOG Posting to enter for February's Calender Page!

I also need to post pictures of my CJ I did this month. Topic - Favorite Escapes. I'll try to get on that tonight!! I have taken photos and uploaded them...now I just have to share!

I also need to get working on my classes for March. I hope people sign up for them. I want to have an Acrylic Frame class, Recipe card class & a Fundraiser crop for the Ballet Company. Not sure if that will all happen in March - but at least 2 of them will. Crop & a class.

Ooo I can't wait till some of my projects are released for MW...some won't be revealed till APRIL! But they are great! Can't wait to share them with you all.

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leah said...

Oh yay! Glad to hear that your new camera's still ok! :)