12 February 2008

I have a cold...

I hate this time of year. I have a cold. It's not fun. My nose is itchy and runny & stuffy all at the same time (if that is possible). My throat hurts, and i feel GROGGY!!! This always happens right around my birthday. So lets hope this passes over quickly... cross my fingers.

Okay on to more positive things. LOL

Calendar Challenge: Post your layouts for February. Remember the deadline for this month is February 29th @ 11:59pm! Lu, your RAK will be sent this week. It was too cold & icky to go the post office this past weekend!

Paper Vinyl Clutch: I have put the directions in a PDF format for those who are interested. Leave me a message or email me at - laceybugcreations@yahoo.com

Tonight I will post a project I put together for the MemoryWorks message board. Michele A has a really cool challenge tonight on the board. So if you are a MemoryWorks consultant - drop by the board tonight around 8pm centeral time (i believe) to chat and check out the neat project she has created!!! I will post my creation on the board and here on my blog! I will be joining the chat after 8:30pm (I have Jazz class till 8:20pm).

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