29 April 2008

It's not too late

It's not too late! Post your APRIL CALENDAR Page!!! I will give out a RAK to the winning calendar layout!

If you are NEW to my blog. I'll explain! I'm having a 2009 Calendar challenge. Each month I and whomever is joining me - creates a layout for our 2009 Calendars (wether you are working on a gift or a calendar for yourself!). Why wait till December. Get a head start and working on your Calendar thoughout the year! We are on April right now - but it doesn't mean you can't catch up! Post your April Calendar Layout to the Link above! You could win a RAK from me!

22 April 2008

April Calendar Page

So, I finally got around to making my April Calendar layout! And i'm so happy how it turned out. I used a picture of my mom & I from NYC (there are pictures in the last post). I used papers from Fancy Pants Designs new line "About a Boy". LOVE these papers and the bright colors.

Lets see what you have come up with!



21 April 2008


Yesterday I had written a long post filled with pictures...and I went to post it and there was an error. So let me try this again.

I wanted to share pictures from NYC. The weekend went so quickly when I was there. But it was great to see my parents - and spend time with my mom! I'm going to be a traveler this year. I've already taken 2 trips so far this year (Indiana over New Years & NYC the weekend of April 11th). My next trip is in June to Utah for the MemoryWorks scrapbook retreat (if anyone is interested in going let me know - it is open to EVERYONE - not only MemoryWorks consultants. Check out the RETREAT website for more information!) SO the whole point of this is - I am planning on going to Las Vegas in October. My dad has another "Vision Expo" (it's a trade show / market in the optical world). It's crazy to think only 4 years ago I was terrified to fly and decided to take a leap and fly for the first time since 2000 to visit Matt in NYC - i must have really liked him to give up my fear of flying. HAHA

Anyway - on to the goods. Here are some pictures from NYC!

A picture of my mom on the streets of NYC!
A picture of me in Rockerfeller Center - It was 73 degrees and people were ice skating! My face was a little dark - because my mom was taking the pic with my DSLR and i just put it on manual so it would be easier for her to use.
Time Square - crazy and filled with people - like always.

We were walking across the street - and I took this picture pretty much in the middle of the sidewalk - such a tourist...well I took it quick b/c that Black SUV was coming at me quickly!
An adorable picture of my parents!!
So there are some NYC pictures!

Other exciting news in my life. Matt & I bought patio furniture and a grill this weekend! It was a great weekend to buy it too. It was so nice in the evenings. We grilled chicken on Saturday night with our friend Chris. Who so kindly helped us pick up our grill and then he assembled it. THANK YOU CHRIS!!! And than on Sunday we made burgers on the grill - yummy!! So i'm so pumped and can't wait for it to be nice all the time! Our patio is going to be the place to be!

Last night, the fire alarm in our apt building went off - at 10:40pm! AGh i was so annoyed. We sat out on the patio till they turned it off. Then went to bed. Well, they went off again at 11:10pm or so. It's so annoying that they go off. It happened last summer / fall 3 - 4 times and each time nothing was wrong in the building.

Anyway - that is my excitement in my life right now. Oh and I have completed my April Calendar layout! How is everyone else doing? I've already been putting some goodies aside for the winner! I will take pictures of my layout tonight. I used some of the new Fancy Pants papers! Yummy!

17 April 2008


I'm so excited!! I participate in the weekly challenges over at Hero Arts - it's helping me stamp better and be creative! It is a lot of fun.

Every thursday they announce the winners from the previous weeks challenges. Last week the challenge was "Collage". This is one area I definitely dont' dabble in. But i thought - it's a good challenge to push me and get me to do something outside my box.

Well i didn't win...but I did get recognized! Which is great! Check out the HERO ARTS blog to see my creation. It is listed under todays date (4/17/2008) and is the 5th project. the name above it says: Laceybugcreations.

I'm so excited just to be recognized. Thanks for looking. And you should definitely check out their blog! It is so much fun - the challenges are great and they have awesome tips, videos, and inspiration.

NYC pictures will be posted soon!

14 April 2008


I just got back from NYC last night. What a fun adventure. I left EARLY on friday - in fear we would get horrible weather and I would be STUCK in Fargo. So I got the earliest flight out of here (5am). I got a pretty early connecting flight as well (9:40am). And off to NYC!

The flight is actually only a 2 hour 30 min. flight or so...it took 4 hours!! The air traffic at Laguardia airport is insane... so we had a ground hold before we took off and 2 air holds... meaning just circling around the air till we get an okay to continue on.

I finally got to NYC - it was cloudy. But the weather was pretty nice. My mom and I got a light lunch in Rockefeller Square. We sat by the window at the resturaunt and watched the ice skaters. It was well above 50 degrees and people were skating.

We went to dinner with my dad and some people he knows through work that evening. Saturday my mom & I did some shopping - went to the tradeshow, and out to dinner with my friend from High School & College (Jeremy!!). It was so great to see him! Oh and the weather was awesome saturday... 73 degrees and mostly sunny!

Sunday I came back to Fargo! I will post pictures tonight once I put them on my computer. I was so tired last night I went home and crashed.

08 April 2008

And I have more

Here are a few more things I wanted to share!

Birthday Book

Wine Book (My dad ordered 5)
Layout from a sketch I made for the Memoryworks Message board challenge (my printer is out of colored ink - so no photos as of yet)

Circle Journal

I just wanted to share my circle journal "card" this month. I'm loving the NEW BG Sultry theme papers! Super fun to work with.

Okay - this is a POOR picture - i took it at night and I did NO editing. :D

FRONT (quote)
BACK (About me)

07 April 2008

Stamp Frenzie

I'm obsessed with clear stamps. I think I'm going to clear out my selection of wooden stamps (I never use them anymore). I have been buying a lot of Hero Arts stamps lately. I just LOVE their designs. I'm waiting for the cupcake ones to come in at my LSS - they just reordered them.

Plus clear stamps have lots of stamps for a great price!! I need to find a new storage place for all these stamps...and money to buy more. I really want the NEW BG stamps that are like their rubons.

OBSESSED - I know!

This weeks challenge over on the Hero Arts board is Collage! AW - HUH? I am not good at that...we'll see if I can come up with anything. I will be gone this weekend - so I would have to get something done before Friday!

I'm going to NYC this weekend. I'm sooooo excited! I'm going out their to hang out with my parents for the weekend! The weather is suppose to be rain, snow, & wind on friday - but lets hope it's not too bad. Since I'm only in NYC from Friday - Sunday. So basically a day.

Alright - i have projects to post but their are on my computer at home. So i'll post soon!!!

02 April 2008

Hero Arts

So I've been scrapbooking tonight!! Finally. The last week has been so crazy with taking care of Matt and making sure things are good at the dance studio. I finally have a night to scrapbook.

I made this first project for the MemoryWorks message board challenge.
And this second project i made for the Hero Arts blog contest
Talking about Hero Arts - they have a new blog filled with some awesome stuff. Tips, contests, videos!!! It is a new addiction! I added it to my list of must see blogs!!! So check it out if you have time.

01 April 2008

March Calendar WINNER

Congrats LU!!! You are the winner of the March Calendar RAK!! I will send it to you soon.

I can't believe it is already APRIL!! This year is flying by toooo quickly. It seems like it was just January and the cold weather would never end. OH WAIT...it has still not gone away. Why is it April and it's still chilly and there is still snow on the ground? I don't agree with this.

A good note! If you are a MemoryWorks consultant check out the Message Board this month. I'm hosting the Monthly challenges and chat!! I have posted 3 awesome challenges this month around the theme "RECIPE". So check it out. You could win a prize from HOME OFFICE!!! And we all know they give out kick butt prizes!

I'm also super excited about the upcoming MemoryWorks 2008-2009 Catalog release. My chat will take place the week of the catalog release. I'm so excited!!! If you are not a MemoryWorks consultant - check out my website! New products are already flowing in...and old products are on sale!!!