21 April 2008


Yesterday I had written a long post filled with pictures...and I went to post it and there was an error. So let me try this again.

I wanted to share pictures from NYC. The weekend went so quickly when I was there. But it was great to see my parents - and spend time with my mom! I'm going to be a traveler this year. I've already taken 2 trips so far this year (Indiana over New Years & NYC the weekend of April 11th). My next trip is in June to Utah for the MemoryWorks scrapbook retreat (if anyone is interested in going let me know - it is open to EVERYONE - not only MemoryWorks consultants. Check out the RETREAT website for more information!) SO the whole point of this is - I am planning on going to Las Vegas in October. My dad has another "Vision Expo" (it's a trade show / market in the optical world). It's crazy to think only 4 years ago I was terrified to fly and decided to take a leap and fly for the first time since 2000 to visit Matt in NYC - i must have really liked him to give up my fear of flying. HAHA

Anyway - on to the goods. Here are some pictures from NYC!

A picture of my mom on the streets of NYC!
A picture of me in Rockerfeller Center - It was 73 degrees and people were ice skating! My face was a little dark - because my mom was taking the pic with my DSLR and i just put it on manual so it would be easier for her to use.
Time Square - crazy and filled with people - like always.

We were walking across the street - and I took this picture pretty much in the middle of the sidewalk - such a tourist...well I took it quick b/c that Black SUV was coming at me quickly!
An adorable picture of my parents!!
So there are some NYC pictures!

Other exciting news in my life. Matt & I bought patio furniture and a grill this weekend! It was a great weekend to buy it too. It was so nice in the evenings. We grilled chicken on Saturday night with our friend Chris. Who so kindly helped us pick up our grill and then he assembled it. THANK YOU CHRIS!!! And than on Sunday we made burgers on the grill - yummy!! So i'm so pumped and can't wait for it to be nice all the time! Our patio is going to be the place to be!

Last night, the fire alarm in our apt building went off - at 10:40pm! AGh i was so annoyed. We sat out on the patio till they turned it off. Then went to bed. Well, they went off again at 11:10pm or so. It's so annoying that they go off. It happened last summer / fall 3 - 4 times and each time nothing was wrong in the building.

Anyway - that is my excitement in my life right now. Oh and I have completed my April Calendar layout! How is everyone else doing? I've already been putting some goodies aside for the winner! I will take pictures of my layout tonight. I used some of the new Fancy Pants papers! Yummy!


Sherry said...

Glad you had a fun trip Lacey. That is so nice you could spend time with your parents. The pics sure show the hustle and bustle of NYC! Very cool on the new grill and patio stuff. I am ready for spring too.

Lu said...

Great photos! One of these I'm going to get to NYC and see all of this stuff! hehe Pretty sad coming from the girl who lives like 3 or 4 hours away...but in my defense, I haven't lived here my whole life.

leah said...

Great pics, Lacey! :)