29 December 2008

It's almost a New Year

WOW - 2008 went fast. Like really fast! And a lot happened (i think??). :D Let me sum up 2008 and tell you about a few cool things about 2009!

2008 To remember list (these are in no particular order)
1) MemoryWorks Scrapbook retreat in Utah! AMAZING! Amazing people, products & classes
2) Workout frenzie - I finally found a gym that I can call home and love! And I found an awesome trainer that whips me into shape! Thank you Monty!
3) Matt & I 5 years. Yes we've been dating for 5 years now - wow.
4) Trips with my parents. I had a fun time traveling to NYC & Las Vegas with my parents this year!
5) I'm going to be an AUNT! Yes! My sister - in - law is pregnant and I get to be in aunt!!
6) I got a wonderful Christmas gift - a LAPTOP!!! Yes, Matt got me a laptop for christmas i was shocked.
7) Matt's knee surgery. As this isn't a Happy thought - completely. It is good he has a brand new knee.
8) Finding the love of photography. I got to explore my Love of photography this year by taking pictures of the FM Ballet company shows and company! Plus other photography things on the side.
9) I made new friends - which is always something fun!
10) I was healthy!

a look ahead to 2009
1) I'm going to be an AUNT!!! February is so close yet so far away! I can't wait to be an auntie to my darling Nephew!
2) Vacationing in California / Las Vegas - heck yes!! That will be awesome and I get to see my friends in California!
3) My continued workout adventure! I'm really hoping to get into stellar shape this year for myself. I am excited about the progress I have made and can't wait to continue on with it.
4) My new laptop. I won't get it until end of january / beginning of february - but i can't wait to get it. My new portable office! I will be able to get so much more done! Thank you Matt
5) Working on putting together scrapbook classes... and maybe exploring some online possibilities (free - i would post to my blog)... so stay tuned - hopefully i can come up with something. And also working more on my photography and exploring adobe creative suites more... i'm really getting into digi designing... more so for invites & card ideas than scrapbooking.

Some BLOGS to check out!
1) Rhonna Farrer has a new blog for 2009! It looks awesome! Check it out Rhonna's Blog. I love her stuff and she has great photos posted right now and her digi stuff rocks!
2) Monty's fitness blog. Link coming soon! If you want to learn some things about fitness and get some tips to stay fit. This is the blog you want to visit! He is my personal trainer, he is amazing and changing lives. So I definitely recommend you check out his blog. It should be starting up next week - so I will post a link then!

Best wishes in 2009!!!

11 December 2008

This Weekend

Oh boy, tomorrow is when ALL the fun starts. I am cramming a few events in one weekend. Friday, I'm taking work off early (at noon) and heading over to the Fargo Theatre to help get things ready for the Christmas Show (and take pictures I'm sure). Friday night is the Christmas Holiday Show and same with Saturday night. Sunday is the Winter Showcase at the dance studio. It's a mini recital / potluck. Very casual. But lots of fun!

That's A LOT of dance for 1 weekend! I'll be busy busy busy putting this all together.

I finally got to do a little bit of scrapbooking yesterday. I worked on the December Express Kit (from MemoryWorks). It's an AWESOME kit! I love it. The papers are very me. I made 2 cards & decorated the cover of the altered item (a mini 7 gypsies album)

Here is the kit:

It is seriously adorable in person. I will share my work with you when i am done and get it uploaded to the computer.

I have not gotten much knitting done lately. But I'm working on some legwarmers that I'm knitting in the round. they are just taking FOREVER! Aw well - they will be cute when they are done. Hopefully by the end of the year....maybe.

03 December 2008

FMB Christmas Holiday

I can not believe it is December already! Where did November go? It feels like it was just Halloween and now it's almost Christmas! I've busy as a bee getting things put together for the Fargo-Moorhead Ballet & Music Theatre Fargo-Moorhead's Christmas Holiday 2008 production. I'm finally excited to say that the program went to the printer this morning. That is a relief. Now it is the waiting game to see how they turn out.

Here is a flier I designed for the show. I have made a few other things - but are at home on my computer.
If you leave in Farg0-Moorhead (or close by) you should really come see this show. It's going to be FANTASTIC!

Other things I've been working on is marketing items for Monty (as I've previously said). I recently made him an email signature. If you live in Fargo-Moorhead and are looking to get in shape, stay fit, and need that extra push - Monty is a great trainer. He kicks your butt - but it's totally worth it when you see results. So if you are interested ask me more :)

Well - thats' my update. Other than that I drink tea like it's water (well it pretty much is) and the holiday's aren't good for diets... aka... i'm avoiding cookies - EXCEPT for today because i ran out of yogart and my boss made cookies (surprisingly), so I had an oatmeal raisin cookie. I justified that it was okay to eat b/c it is oatmeal and raisins. RIGHT??

30 November 2008


Well you will see some broken links. I am organizing my pictures in photobucket - so you may see some pictures missing. I probably won't take the time to put them back. Too much work to go back and edit each one.

I've been so busy lately with putting the production program together for the FM Ballet company. I think it looks pretty good so far. I have also been keeping busy with helping Monty put things together for his marketing stuff as a personal trainer. I made an email signature yesterday and finished his wall hanging flyer...which he needs to now approve... I hope he likes it.

I had friday off from work and got so much done. It was nice to have the day off.

Thanksgiving was good. We went to Matt's parents for dinner and than to the Blender's Concert (www.theblenders.com). Matt's brother-in-law is in the group.

18 November 2008

Where does the time go??

I can not believe it is already mid-November. It seems like it was just Halloween!! I've been so busy this month I haven't realized how quickly it has gone by. I haven't worked on a whole lot of scrapbooking projects or even touched knitting...but I'm hoping soon I can work on stuff.

I have a creative team project due on thursday. I'm really excited about it and the way it is turning out. I had a vision and it is coming out better than I thought it would!! Also, I have to get my projects together for the NEW MemoryWorks Team. I have completed 1 whole project so far and just many to go. That is my main focus this weekend.

On top of that I have to get going on the Christmas Holiday program for the FM Ballet & Music Theatre Fargo-Moorhead. This program will be more work then Spooky Ballet and I have given myself less time. So I'm thinking little sleep and lots of lattes are in my near future. :)

I wish I had something to share with my probably non-existant blog readers...but at this time... i have nothing. :) Maybe thanksgiving pictures soon. And I decided it may be the first year in awhile I don't make xmas cards (running out of time). So I think we will do a christmas letter this year.

Oh and I have to start working on Baby Shower invitations!!! So where did all the time go?

10 November 2008


When winter arrives - i wonder... WHY DO I LIVE HERE??!!?? It is my least favorite time of year. I'm always cold, there is snow and it is wet, it takes forever for the car to heat up (I have leather seats)... There is NOTHING fun about it.

So, not thankful that winter is already here.

Otherwise - life is happy. I've been working on a lot lately. Between, design team projects for MemoryWorks, Marketing for both the FM Ballet Christmas show & Monty - I keep busy. Thank god I love doing it. I will have a lot of things going to print in the next few days and weeks - so that is super exciting.

I had a meeting with Monty last night (he is a personal trainer... or I call him a Life Changer.) He really loves what he does - which makes it easier for me to help him and come up with ideas to promote what he does and who he is. I really hope I can help him make a difference and get his name out there!

For the FM Ballet - Christmas Holiday is approaching QUICKLY!! This week I have many deadlines. I need to get postcards & flyers ordered, I need to submit an ad to the newspaper, and I need to start working on the program.

It is all fun and exciting.

Also, I have started training with Monty - which is scary and exciting at the same time. I get comfortable with what I know - and I have to be open minded and just do it...take chances (even if I look like a fool right now). I just really want to get in awesome shape. I know I don't look bad - but I want to look amazing. As I told Monty - I want the boys to drool. There are a lot of events in the next few years... (i'm sure) including 5 year for college next fall and 10 year for High School in 2010 (never too early to start getting into shape). I want to look good #1 for myself and my future. I'm surprised that I've kept up with going to the gym and have realized that it is time to move to the next level of my working out. BIG ISSUE: my eating habits SUCK!! So we will see if that EVER changes.

30 October 2008

Halloween is TOMORROW

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It is such an exciting holiday. I love dressing up and all the spooky stuff (oh and candy).

This weekend is the Spooky Ballet - starting tomorrow. It is a FABULOUS show. Matt & his mom have put together an amazing piece of art! If you live close to Fargo - I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.

Performances Dates:
Friday, October 31, 2008 @ 7:00pm
Saturday, November 1, 2008 @ 2pm & 7pm!


Fargo Theatre - Downtown Fargo

Ticket Prices:
Evening performances - $12 adult / $8 student
Matinee performance - $7.50 (ALL)

Dress up - because there is a costume contest for ALL ages, with amazing prizes!

On another note: If you are a MemoryWorks Consultant - they are holding a call for new Creative Team members (now called TeamWorks) - you should have recieved an email. Being on the creative team requires more than just creating projects - a big part of being on the team is supporting consultants, answering questions, participating regularly on the message board, and other business support. Doing these extra things is a requirement to hold a place on the team. MemoryWorks is an independence consultanting company - they carry products from some of the HOTTEST vendors in the scrapbook industry including BasicGrey, Cosmo Cricket, WRMK, and Heidi Swapp (to name a few).

If you have questions about being a Creative Team member - let me know. I've been a part of the team for the past almost 2 years. I'd be happy to help answer any questions.

STAY TUNE TO more Spooky Ballet pictures this weekend!

28 October 2008


I just wanted a share a few more pictures from the Spooky Ballet! All these pictures are from the Dracula performance in the show.





27 October 2008


Yesterday the Fargo - Moorhead Ballet company & cast of Spooky Ballet 2008 traveled to Detroit Lakes (an hour away from Fargo) to perform Spooky Ballets at the Historic Holmes Theater! It was a lot of fun - and very exhausting day.

First, the weather was HORRIBLE! It was like a blizzard...so roads were just crappy to drive on. To be safe I was driving 40 in a 65 zone... but so was every one else - the roads were so slippery. I am just not ready for winter - but thankfully it didn't stay.

During the day the cast had rehearsal and the performance was at 4pm. The cast did amazing. I took pictures during rehearsal and also during the performance. I got some great shots! This cast did a truly amazing job and I can't wait to see them in Fargo this upcoming weekend. They have 3 performances this weekend - Oct 31 @ 7pm & Nov. 1 @ 2pm & 7pm!

Matt is doing an amazing job. He did an excellent job choreographing and he is an awesome performer! I am so proud of him.

Thriller opening

Devil Goes Down in Georgia




25 October 2008

It's Spooky Time

I have attended a few Spooky Ballet rehearsals and got some good shots. I am REALLY excited to get some stage shots though. Tomorrow the show is traveling to Detroit Lakes and than next weekend it will be at the Fargo Theater. The show is going to be awesome. Here are a few pictures from rehearsal.




20 October 2008

New Desk Chair

My bosses recently purchased a neighboring building. The previous owners left desks, desk chairs, phones, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. So today my boss & I went over there to take a look at what we wanted. We both got new desk chairs (new to us). Her desk chair squeeked and was missing a bolt - but she was too picky to go buy a new one...but the one we found suits her perfectly! I got a new chair too... it's blk and leather. It's a lot bigger than my previous chair.

That is my excitement for MONDAY!

I took some pictures of Spooky Ballet rehearsal last night - I will try to post some soon.

17 October 2008


I finished Kathy's Legwarmers last night. I"m really happy how they turned out. They are so little too - but really long. They measure at about 26 1/2" long. :) But the circumference is small...she has little legs. So here are the pictures I took of them last night. I will give them to her today.




The original ribbon I was going to use was too wide and stiff. So I used 2 different colored ribbons together (the same colors that was in the thicker ribbon). I am happy with the results!!

16 October 2008


I know that is not how you spell "spooky". :) I've been so busy lately. The Spooky Ballet is coming up for the FM Ballet and I've been working hard on the program. It is clean and basic - but I don't think anything fancy is needed. The cover art is amazing (done by a local artist), and I used some "scary" type font for the inside titles. But for the most part it is classy. This weekend I'm going to start attending rehearsals so I can take pictures and become familiar with the different pieces of dance. That way when it gets to the stage I will know when to capture the moment.

If you want to know more information on the FM Ballet check out their website at www.fmballet.org. If you want to know know more about the Spooky Ballet - email me at laceybugcreations@yahoo.com.

In other news, I finished Kathy's (Matt's mom) legwarmers last night. Well I finished knitting them, I still need to stitch them up and add the ribbon on top. They turned out very nice. I will take a picture and post once they are done!

Well that is my update today...nothing super exciting.

14 October 2008

Blog surfing

Have you ever clicked the "next blog" button... I do it occasionally. It is interesting to see other people's blogs. Most the time I hit on some foreign language that I do not understand - but I love to see what it is about (hopefully through pictures). Oh, and people blog about EVERYTHING. It is sooo cool. Everyone has a different focus - whether it be personal, jewelry, photography, clothing, sports, etc. It is super cool to see the differences in each individual's blog.

You should definitely BLOG Surf someday when you have a second. You may discover a new site or online friend!

11 October 2008

It's october

I can't believe how quickly this fall is moving. I'm definitely not ready for winter. I thought I would share some pictures from the past month.

First pictures from Matt's Birthday - we celebrated at the Hub (a club in town). It was a lot of fun and we got to dance!!
Matt & Myself
our friend Ann, Matt & Myself
Matt, Myself, & AJ

I also went to Vegas this month and have a few pictures of my parents and myself. OH and I won $86!!
Me & my mom & dad
My mom & I

Next, my friend Liz got married in September. Here is a picture of my high school friends... I don't get to see them often. :(

Jaimie, Myself, Nicole, Liz (the bride - obviously), Alison, Dana, Kristen, & Missy

Last night we had a gathering at my friend Becky's apt. Some friends are in town (college friends) that we don't get to see often - so we played 'Singstar' & Guitar hero at Becky's. This is a picture of Kate & I.

Oh and we also had Candy Necklaces... :)

Finally, my pink legwarmers (note: this is a HORRIBLE picture - i didn't do any photo editing to it...so the light is bad bad bad and the color is off). But they are pink legwarmers with orange ribbon on the top.


There you have it - my life in the last month (for the most part)... :)

09 October 2008


I had a lot of fun in Las Vegas with my parents. My mom & I shopped a lot while my dad worked. In the evenings we would go to dinner with people my dad worked with or did business with. It was a lot of fun and yummy food!! I took a few pictures which I will post soon. The weather was amazing. In the 80s!! Which was a nice change from North Dakota weather.

Today is Matt's Birthday - Happy Birthday BABY (he doesn't read this - but I thought I would still give him a SHOUT OUT!)!! We are going dancing tonight! Always fun. And I will have my camera - so I'm sure many pictures will be taken. It should be a lot of fun! I bought him Iron Man (which he got last week) and a pair of sweatpants...which I know he will wear a lot! I think he is going to wear them today. They are cute!

Other than that - life is the same, work, workout, dance, other stuff. My friend Kate will be in town this weekend - so that is exciting. I will get to see her and Becky (whom I NEVER see anymore - i'm a hermet I've determined.)

I will get some scrapbooking done this weekend as well.

01 October 2008


I'm going to Las Vegas on Friday. Just for the weekend. I am so excited! My parents will be there (dad for work, mom for fun). So I will be hanging out with them. AND it is going to be HOT! It will be a good change of weather (even though it is just a weekend).

I want to share a few more photos from the FM Ballet photo shoot and some projects I've been working on for MemoryWorks.

Warm-up at the barre
Liisa at the barre
Liisa & Matt rehearsing "Dracula"
A layout with the MemoryWorks October Express Kit - Isn't that TREE AWESOME??
Card with the MemoryWorks October Express Kit.

28 September 2008

FM Ballet - Photo Shoot

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with the Fargo Moorhead Ballet company (www.fmballet.org). I took their head shots and did some outdoor group & individual photos, plus some rehearsal/class photos. I'm so happy about the head shots...they turned out pretty good for an amature!! Today I am putting those head shots to good use - by putting them in the Spooky Ballet Program. Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday.

Head shot - Matt (serious)
Head shot - Sarah (company member)
Funky Company Photo
Against the wall company photo
This photo is from warm ups in the studio

I am so excited about the photos and can't wait to do more. I'm sure there will be many more photo shoots this year, since they have the new website.

26 September 2008


So tonight I practiced taking headshots on the Front desk specialist (Office manager) of the studio - AJ. She was a perfect subject to practice on, since she is an actor/director. Tomorrow morning I will be taking headshots of the FM Ballet company and I have never taken headshots in my life. I've been studying others work for posing, lighting, etc. Here are a few of my favorite shots from tonight (this is a make shift photo studio - the back drop is white muslin and the lighting is work lights)

This was in the first grouping of pictures I took - they get better after this. She tried 3 different outfits.
I adore this one


She added props :) Her glasses. Which was good b/c than i had to really watch the lighting to make sure it wouldn't reflect in her glasses.

This is the "Glamour" shots pictures... I say it is very commercial. Matt liked this one a lot.

So what do you think?? Remember this is my first time shooting headshots...i'm actually pretty proud of myself. I know I can just improve.

24 September 2008

Doll Domination!

WOW...so last night I got home from the dance studio (with a major headache)... and sat at my computer to listen to the new Pussy Cat Dolls album - Doll Domination! It is AWESOME! I couldn't help but download the WHOLE THING!! I already had 1 song - so I bought the album for $7.00!! That is it! Usually the newer albums are around $9.99 - but $7.00!! I couldn't beat that.

I haven't gotten to fully listen to it yet...but plan to when I'm at the gym tonight! The snips I heard from it were really good though and I'm sooo excited to listen to the WHOLE thing!

PCD - Doll Domination

This is how my stomach WILL be! HAHA

23 September 2008

Not much...

Well, I am a BAD blogger. I have been so busy, but nothing really exciting to tell.

Liz got married a few weekends ago, it was beautiful. It was so much fun to see the girls from High School again. I don't see them enough. I need to make more of an effort to go visit them. Liz looked stunning! And the location was awesome. I hope to get pictures up someday.

I still haven't posted pictures of my legwarmers - oops. I am working on another pair for Matt's mom. I'm going to learn how to knit in the round soon. My mom is going to show me. I think I'm ready for it!

Halloween is quickly approaching! Which means "SPOOKY BALLETS"!!! I'm so excited. I got to get my camera out and start attending some rehearsals. I'm waiting a little bit so they can get the choreography part pretty much completed - that way I can shoot them practicing a number and not learning it.

I've been keeping up with my working out. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week. Plus I have been going to 3 jazz classes and 1 hip hop class at the studio. I'm still really motivated! Which I'm surprised by.

18 September 2008

I'm going to have a NEPHEW!!

My Brother & Sister-in-law called me last night to tell me they are having a boy! I'm going to have a nephew. Now everything is going to be blue. I need to start planning a scrapbook. :) Or start working on one!! I'm sooo excited. I can't wait till he is here. She is due beginning of March. So there is still a ways to go! YEAH! I'm so excited!

Anyway - that is all my exciting news for now!

28 August 2008


After reviewing the wig party pictures - I have 2 things to say. (1) I do not look good with bangs...my face looks super round (2) I do not look good with a wig on. I don't have a wig face. My hair is just perfect for me... :)

Those are my conclusions.

I finished a pair of leg warmers (which I started last spring or something). They are hot pink and have orange ribbon. I will take pictures and post soon! I love them.

Classes start at the studio next week - that is exciting! I just have to figure out what classes I'm going to take.

24 August 2008

Liz's Bachlorette Party

This weekend was Liz's Bachlorette Party! I was so excited to go and had a BLAST! It was held at Elly's cabin (Liz's sister Becca's Friends place) and wow it was beautiful! The lake home was just amazing! Becca was an awesome host for the weekend! She is so sweet and fun to be around and it was so great for her to do this for Liz.

It was a lot of fun to see Liz, Nicole & Kristen again! I haven't really seen them much since we all graduated and I miss them all lots! It was also nice to see Liz's sisters Becca & Jess and her Mom! Wow it has been too long since I've seen them all. It is crazy how I've known Liz since 5th GRADE!! Anywho I wanted to share some pictures from the weekend. We had a Wig party on Friday and went to some small town bars in Emily, MN.

Most these pics are from the wig party friday night!

Me & the BRIDE (Liz) - i'm in the red wig :)
Me, Liz & Nicole
All the girls at the Bungalow
Liz drinking
Nicole & I
Becca & Liz
Liz's Sister, Niece & Liz
Kristen & I - not sure why this one turned out so dark and I don't feel like editing it right now.

I had a great time. Here is a layout I made last week - this is not edited either and I took it with my new Point & Shoot instead of my slr.