31 January 2008

Calendar Challenge - January Due date

Today is the day. I need all January Calendar pages by 11:59pm this evening!! Get them in.

I have 1 right now! It's looking good for her! Lets see those January calendar pages!!!!!

30 January 2008


I visit many people's blogs each day, and than I come and look at mine. I just feel like it is so uninspiring. I need to up my game! LOL

I'm young, hip, and I should have super fun creative things...yet I post lame-o layouts and pictures of the dance company.

I need to dig into my creative side...i just have been so busy - i haven't had time to just sit and create! I think i need the night off...

Work on projects for me...

PLUS - i need a new header - mine is lame and I don't like it....

29 January 2008

Valentine Card Class

I am so excited. I am going to hold a Valentine Card Class. We are going to focus on some basics like stamping and inking edges! The card we will be decorating is posted below! I'm using the Daisy D's Maybe Baby paper collection & embellishments.

Now I just hope people sign up for my class!!!!

I do have 2 other classes I want to line up for the next month or so as well!!

valentine card class

If you want to still participate in the Calendar Challenge you have till Thursday evening at 11:59pm to enter for January. Reminder - you do not need to participate every month to qualify for the drawing... so get those entries in or we will see ya next month! We so far have 1 entry. Lets see what you got ladies - or this month will be easy!

24 January 2008

2009 January Calender

This is what I created for my Challenge: January 2009 - Calendar page.

I stuck with the blues and snowy feel (since it is the coldest month in Fargo).

Lets see those Calendar pages!!!! You have until the 31st of January. Judging will follow the first week of February!!


23 January 2008

February Class

So I am going to hold a class at the dance studio on February 8th. I'm still working out the details.

We will make a Library Card Valentines Card. Decorating the library card pocket, a card to fit inside and an envelop!

I will post the demo soon!! If you live in the Fargo/Moorhead area! Please check it out!

My calendar page will be posted tomorrow night. I have taken pictures - i just need to upload and edit!

21 January 2008

Wine & planning

Alright, here are 2 projects of the 3 i was going to post. I have to finish my title on my January Calendar page. So I should have that posted tomorrow night (hopefully).

The first project is a "Wine" book I made for my parents. They are writing down their favorite wines and i am providing them with a cute little book to do so! Each page has stickers (printed from my computer) that say: Date, Name & Notes. This way they can keep good track of why they liked a wine - when they had it, etc.

The little note cards tucked away in the pockets is for them to use when they are going to buy a bottle of wine - they can write down the name of it - that way they don't have to take the book with them or remember. These will also be good if a friend comes over and really enjoys a wine my parents have. My parents can write it down on these little notepad sheets.

Wine Notebook

My next project - which is more a sneak peek than anything is my 2008 Day planner. I have hand stamped each date and the calendar pages are made on Adobe Photoshop and printed on full sheet label paper (so one side is sticky). I have completed February's layout with a focus on Valentines!

By the way, this day planner is A LOT of work! I also am going to make a notes section and hopefully be able to move the other section tab and do an address section or something - not sure yet.

Let me know if you have an idea for another day planner section.

Thanks for looking!!! Calendar page to come soon....lets see how you are all doing

It's a chilly day

Well I got some stuff done this weekend. I took pictures yesterday. I'll post tonight. I got all my pages stamped in my day planner - i'll give you a sneek peek tonight!! I finished my calendar page (just need to take a picture).

I'm knitting myself legwarmers - I'm almost done with one leg. They are going to be nice and warm (i'll take pictures when i'm done). I took pictures of the wine book i made my parents. I will share that as well. So yes I've been busy creating...around my BUSY weekend. My friend Alexi (from college) was in town for Alumni stuff at the college and we haven't seen him in over a year - so it was super awesome to visit with him!!! We hung out every day he was here. It was great to see him again.

Work is busy - i just needed a little break...but i should get back to working hard. :D

Stay tune tonight for projects!

18 January 2008

Weekend Projects

My weekend projects include:
Day planner
Calendar Challenge
Xmas Cards (I KNOW - but better late then never - they are pretty much made - i just have to mail them)

I will have things posted soon!!! Day planner for sure and calendar page for sure!!

15 January 2008


So I've been typing W2's all day. We don't have a HUGE amount of employees this year...but when you are typing with a TYPEWRITER W2s on carbon paper...it seems like a lot. I can't screw up - even mistyping 1 word or amount i have to void and start over.

I did make no mistakes on 17 in a row! :D I'm proud of that - I didn't beat last years record of 24 but eh whose keeping track?

But I just appreciate all those carbon copied items that are TYPED out with a typewriter... so you better too! It's a lot of work.

12 January 2008

Acrylic Album

I need to come up with more creative titles.

I hope to work on my Calendar challenge tomorrow. Link me at any time. The deadline is January 31st! For the Month of January. I will have guest judges every month.... :D Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I made this album (Maya Roads) for a friend of mine. It was a lot of fun. It is a 4 x 4 acrylic coaster album. I am happy how it turned out. I used Cosmo Cricket's - Hey Sugar line.






09 January 2008

Who's up for a Challenge?

Who's up for a challenge?? Anyone?

I bought a blank calendar the beginning of December and I want to make a 2009 calendar (yes - i said 2009...it's too late for a 2008 calendar - i know i can't get get that done. So i was thinking each month I would complete a month on the calander.

if it is January 2008 - i complete January 2009 layout!

Anyone with me on this? Come on it will but fun. I will include incentives for those who link me to their calender page for the month - one person will win a RAK!

Who's interested?

Message me to let me know! Lets get ahead of the game and get ready for 2009!!!

October Afternoon

So I have seen this new Scrapbook company advertise in magazines...and just fell in love with their stuff. Title of my blog "October Afternoon" is the name of this new company. They have cool looking stamps & rubons - the paper lines look awesome. Below is a link to their Summer 07 catalog! I'm in love :D


06 January 2008

still no header....BUT

Yeah, haven't had time to work on a header yet. I will get to it.

I've been a creating QUEEN all weekend. I have finished MOST my MemoryWorks Express Kit projects for January, I finished my scarf (I was knitting), and I still have "Thank You" cards to make.

I did finally take pictures and had time to upload projects I've been working on. Which always feels good.

Here is my FIRST knitting project: Clutch

I still need to sew on the snaps and I will probably embellish with a button.

Here are some of my MemoryWorks Express Kit projects (these are property of MemoryWorks)

This is a mini album I Created - go to the MemoryWorks Inspiration Gallery to see all the pages!
And a layout featuring pictures from New Years 2008 with my parents!
Finally, I wanted to share some photos from New Years 2008. Matt & I were in Indiana visiting my parents. We went to Dueling Pianos at Howl @ the Moon. It was a lot of fun. So here are some pictures from our fantastic evening!

This was taken at my parents house - before we left. (My Dad, Myself, & My Mom)
Matt & My Dad
My Mom & I
My Mom, My Dad, & Myself

So i've been busy! Happy New Year and I promise a new header will be here soon. I hope :D

03 January 2008


HAPPY 2008!

I was visiting my parents in Indiana for the past few days. I haven't created much in the scrapbook department... BUT I did get knitting stuff for Christmas and learned to knit this past weekend.

I've made a clutch and I'm in the process of making a scarf. I'll post clutch pictures soon. It's really fun and a different pace from scrapbooking. It's exciting to do something new. I'm already addicted and I went to the store and bought more yarn yesterday.

I'll have more time to create in the next few weeks - so keep your eyes open for new projects, layouts, cards, etc!!