09 January 2008

Who's up for a Challenge?

Who's up for a challenge?? Anyone?

I bought a blank calendar the beginning of December and I want to make a 2009 calendar (yes - i said 2009...it's too late for a 2008 calendar - i know i can't get get that done. So i was thinking each month I would complete a month on the calander.

if it is January 2008 - i complete January 2009 layout!

Anyone with me on this? Come on it will but fun. I will include incentives for those who link me to their calender page for the month - one person will win a RAK!

Who's interested?

Message me to let me know! Lets get ahead of the game and get ready for 2009!!!


Lu said...

Lacey, that sounds like a great idea! I want to do one of these for my grandma-in-law...and what a great way to do it, one month at a time rather than sitting down trying to get it all done at once. I'd say I'm going to try to be in!

leah said...

Hmm. I'll have to see what kind of time I have. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe if I stick with something small/digi. (I'm doing a digi calendar right now that's going together super easy.)

leah said...

Forgot to mention... love the new header!

I'm feelling an identity crisis for mine. {giggle} I just can't settle on something.

Sarah said...

I might join in. It would be a nice Christmas present for next year to the grandparents.