03 January 2008


HAPPY 2008!

I was visiting my parents in Indiana for the past few days. I haven't created much in the scrapbook department... BUT I did get knitting stuff for Christmas and learned to knit this past weekend.

I've made a clutch and I'm in the process of making a scarf. I'll post clutch pictures soon. It's really fun and a different pace from scrapbooking. It's exciting to do something new. I'm already addicted and I went to the store and bought more yarn yesterday.

I'll have more time to create in the next few weeks - so keep your eyes open for new projects, layouts, cards, etc!!

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Renee Clark said...

Happy New Year Lacey!

Your photos are wonderful, BTW. And, those frames are adorable! I can't wait to see what your create next - including your knitting projects.

I bought my son a little knitting machine - and we've made two scarves with it - the cheaters way. LOL. All we have to do is crank a handle and it churns out a scarf.