26 December 2007

Holiday Cheer, Frames, Food

I had a WONDERFUL, relaxing Christmas Eve & Day. Christmas Holiday 2007 production took up my entire week last week and the performance this past weekend went AWESOME. I will post some pictures (with me in it) soon!!

Christmas Eve, Matt & I ran a few errands and in the evening we went to his parents house for dinner. It was lots of fun. They opened their gifts from us and were so happy. We got his dad a photo printer (one of those little ones) and his mom a fish tank. They were super happy and it's exactly what they wanted!

Christmas Day, Matt & I made a huge meal... I don't think we've every cooked like that before. It was soooo good! I'm proud of ourselves. His parents came over and we had so much fun playing games, eating, playing with Matt's new Keyboard and relaxing.

I have been doing some scrapbooking again as well. I WISH I could share the one project with you - but since it's for the design team I'm on - I can't share. But when they post - i will share the link!!!

Other wise - here is another project I worked on the other morning. I made each girl in the FM Ballet Company a decorated frame. They turned out so cute! I used the Love, Elsie - Noel paper line.

Here are my results!



Monica Jo said...

Those frames are adorable. You really did a fantastic job on these. I may have to lift that idea. It was so sweet of you to make those for the girls. I can't wait to see the pics of the ballet.

leah said...

Glad you had a good Christmas, Lacey! I so love those frames. :)

ellen s. said...

really gorgeous frames! those are some lucky girls!

i found your blog through Renee so i thought i would stop by! glad i did!