19 December 2007

Sleep Deprived...

I'm so tired - but I have so many things to get done. I have no clue when I will sleep.

It's go go go right now - with the show opening on Friday! Dress rehearsal at the theatre tomorrow and tonight a run through of the show at the studio.

I still need to:
1. lengthen my Soldier pants and re-hem
2. Sew the furry stuff on my rockettes costume
3. Take in the top of my Mouse costume
4. Make the Company girls ornaments (with their initials) (not sure when I'll have time for this)
5. A mini album for another women

3 of the 5 need to be done by tomorrow
2 of the 5 need to be done by Saturday night

EEKS!!! I'm tired.

1 comment:

Renee Clark said...

Wow Lacey! You ARE busy! Your photos are amazing. Those costumes are wonderful. It looks like your "busy" is at least a fun busy. Have a very Merry Christmas!