29 December 2008

It's almost a New Year

WOW - 2008 went fast. Like really fast! And a lot happened (i think??). :D Let me sum up 2008 and tell you about a few cool things about 2009!

2008 To remember list (these are in no particular order)
1) MemoryWorks Scrapbook retreat in Utah! AMAZING! Amazing people, products & classes
2) Workout frenzie - I finally found a gym that I can call home and love! And I found an awesome trainer that whips me into shape! Thank you Monty!
3) Matt & I 5 years. Yes we've been dating for 5 years now - wow.
4) Trips with my parents. I had a fun time traveling to NYC & Las Vegas with my parents this year!
5) I'm going to be an AUNT! Yes! My sister - in - law is pregnant and I get to be in aunt!!
6) I got a wonderful Christmas gift - a LAPTOP!!! Yes, Matt got me a laptop for christmas i was shocked.
7) Matt's knee surgery. As this isn't a Happy thought - completely. It is good he has a brand new knee.
8) Finding the love of photography. I got to explore my Love of photography this year by taking pictures of the FM Ballet company shows and company! Plus other photography things on the side.
9) I made new friends - which is always something fun!
10) I was healthy!

a look ahead to 2009
1) I'm going to be an AUNT!!! February is so close yet so far away! I can't wait to be an auntie to my darling Nephew!
2) Vacationing in California / Las Vegas - heck yes!! That will be awesome and I get to see my friends in California!
3) My continued workout adventure! I'm really hoping to get into stellar shape this year for myself. I am excited about the progress I have made and can't wait to continue on with it.
4) My new laptop. I won't get it until end of january / beginning of february - but i can't wait to get it. My new portable office! I will be able to get so much more done! Thank you Matt
5) Working on putting together scrapbook classes... and maybe exploring some online possibilities (free - i would post to my blog)... so stay tuned - hopefully i can come up with something. And also working more on my photography and exploring adobe creative suites more... i'm really getting into digi designing... more so for invites & card ideas than scrapbooking.

Some BLOGS to check out!
1) Rhonna Farrer has a new blog for 2009! It looks awesome! Check it out Rhonna's Blog. I love her stuff and she has great photos posted right now and her digi stuff rocks!
2) Monty's fitness blog. Link coming soon! If you want to learn some things about fitness and get some tips to stay fit. This is the blog you want to visit! He is my personal trainer, he is amazing and changing lives. So I definitely recommend you check out his blog. It should be starting up next week - so I will post a link then!

Best wishes in 2009!!!

11 December 2008

This Weekend

Oh boy, tomorrow is when ALL the fun starts. I am cramming a few events in one weekend. Friday, I'm taking work off early (at noon) and heading over to the Fargo Theatre to help get things ready for the Christmas Show (and take pictures I'm sure). Friday night is the Christmas Holiday Show and same with Saturday night. Sunday is the Winter Showcase at the dance studio. It's a mini recital / potluck. Very casual. But lots of fun!

That's A LOT of dance for 1 weekend! I'll be busy busy busy putting this all together.

I finally got to do a little bit of scrapbooking yesterday. I worked on the December Express Kit (from MemoryWorks). It's an AWESOME kit! I love it. The papers are very me. I made 2 cards & decorated the cover of the altered item (a mini 7 gypsies album)

Here is the kit:

It is seriously adorable in person. I will share my work with you when i am done and get it uploaded to the computer.

I have not gotten much knitting done lately. But I'm working on some legwarmers that I'm knitting in the round. they are just taking FOREVER! Aw well - they will be cute when they are done. Hopefully by the end of the year....maybe.

03 December 2008

FMB Christmas Holiday

I can not believe it is December already! Where did November go? It feels like it was just Halloween and now it's almost Christmas! I've busy as a bee getting things put together for the Fargo-Moorhead Ballet & Music Theatre Fargo-Moorhead's Christmas Holiday 2008 production. I'm finally excited to say that the program went to the printer this morning. That is a relief. Now it is the waiting game to see how they turn out.

Here is a flier I designed for the show. I have made a few other things - but are at home on my computer.
If you leave in Farg0-Moorhead (or close by) you should really come see this show. It's going to be FANTASTIC!

Other things I've been working on is marketing items for Monty (as I've previously said). I recently made him an email signature. If you live in Fargo-Moorhead and are looking to get in shape, stay fit, and need that extra push - Monty is a great trainer. He kicks your butt - but it's totally worth it when you see results. So if you are interested ask me more :)

Well - thats' my update. Other than that I drink tea like it's water (well it pretty much is) and the holiday's aren't good for diets... aka... i'm avoiding cookies - EXCEPT for today because i ran out of yogart and my boss made cookies (surprisingly), so I had an oatmeal raisin cookie. I justified that it was okay to eat b/c it is oatmeal and raisins. RIGHT??