26 July 2009

My Sweet little Nephew

Here are some pictures of my darling little nephew!! I was able to come down to the cities this weekend to see him. He is getting bigger!! And is so adorable! He is a little fussy due to his 2nd tooth coming in. Poor guy. But still can be pretty happy (at moments).

Lucas Eating Cereal
Lucas Petting the Cat
Cat hair on lucas' hand - Ick... we washed it off
Auntie Lacey & Lucas!!

25 July 2009

My Scrap Deals

Hey - Check out this site!! It's called My Scrap Deals and there are awesome deals on there - SERIOUSLY!! My friend just started it. Definitely some great finds at a REALLY reasonable cost! Check it out! I would check back often as well as I'm sure things will be added often.

23 July 2009

JabberBox Marketing

I'm starting a new adventure in my life. In the past few years I have been doing various marketing things for friends & family. It all started in college (sort of) when I put together a few flyers / postcards for Theatre Scholarships. Well. I have come a LONG way since then.

When I moved back to Fargo I was given the opportunity to be Marketing director for the Gooseberry Park Players. I created ads, put out press releases, added the production dates to local calendars, contacted local groups, etc. This is where it all began. I did this for 2 years and it was time for me to move on.

Since then I have done lots of things for Gasper's School of Dance and the FM Ballet Company. Including brochures, postcards, flyers, production programs, photography, newsletter and press releases. While doing this I really enjoyed the process, creating digital art and exploring my talents in this field.

Last fall I met Monty Moran. He approached me at the Sports Center (where I work out) and asked if he could work out with me. I said sure. I find out he is a personal trainer. I was interested, because I needed a trainer to take me to the next level. He said he was getting a flyer ready. I invited him and his daughter to come to FM Ballet's Spooky Ballets and he agreed. It was at the Spooky Ballet when I asked him again where his flyer was. He said something along the lines of - I'm having trouble getting it together. I chimed in (thinking WHY am I about to say this!!) and said "I can help you out!" I told him I do everything for the dance studio and ballet company. He said sure.

Our first meeting was November 8th (or something like that). And since then I've helped him grow his personal training business, start new programs, get print material out (flyers, brochures, etc), posted to online calendars, and much more. All on a limited budget.

My focus with marketing is to get the most out of it that you can without spending thousands of dollars. There are many inexpensive ways to market yourself. And the key is go out and MARKET yourself to others.

Anyway - My company name is JabberBox Marketing. Here is my logo I designed. I will have price sheets soon with a list of what I offer.

Jabberbox Marketing
If you are interested in my new adventure - email me at jabberboxmarketing@gmail.com

15 July 2009

July Express projects

I just wanted to share some MemoryWorks - July Express Kit projects.

Layout - From my Vegas Trip last October

Layout - pictures to be put in later

And a "postcard" it's 4x6

10 July 2009


On Tuesday Helen Cermak passed away after battle cancer. She was an incredible woman with an amazing heart. Helen was a college professor at Concordia College (my college) in the Theatre / Communications dept. I didn't get to really work with Helen until I think about my Junior year. I finally had a class with her and I was working on theatre scholarship (I was the chair) with her. She became a warming figure in my life, a great mentor, friend, and someone I knew I could always talk to.

She was excited to see the things I did for my Apparel & Design classes and she would always guide me through "random" situations in life. That I now live by. I will greatly miss her presense. But am fortunate enough to know her family. Her daughter A.J. walks in her footsteps. A great person with lots of drive, ambition, friendliness, quirky, and easy to love. Her husband Jim (also a mentor, friend, advisor of mine from Concordia) has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He is a big teddy bear and has always been there for me. And though I don't know Jamie very well, he has always been kind. Helen definitely lives through her family and they will carry her with them till they part with this world.

This year has not been easy in terms of people in my life passing away. But it reminds me how short of a time we have here. And to cherish those around me and the time we spend together. Death is never easy for those of us that are still here. We grieve, cry, miss, heartbroken, and wish we could have spent one more day with that person or had one more conversation or weren't too busy to make time for someone.

MAKE TIME FOR EVERYONE! You don't want regret to live with you. You don't want to miss an opportunity because you were TOO busy.

I visit other blogs and one that people have directed to me before (and I decided to check out today) is Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and a post from yesterday really hit home (and there is a great give-away, but honestly that is besides the point to me). And it made me continue on to her friend "Fatty's" Blog. Fatty's wife is battling breast cancer. His blog is: Fat Cyclist. Honestly, if I think my life is EVER bad - I just need to read his latest post to get a reality check.

When I was in college, my grandma (Omi) passed away from cancer. Her final cancer was brain cancer. It is never easy to see someone you love dearly go through the pain, the suffering, the treatments, and everything else that comes along with cancer.

Today, HUG the people you love, TELL them you love them, and CHERISH each moment.

I will be hugging many people today. As Helen's visitation is this evening and funeral is tomorrow - or Celebration Service as I like to call them.

06 July 2009


So... I have decided to run a 5K in October (October 3rd). I'm really wondering WHY I decided I wanted to do this. HONESTLY! Running is torture! I know it is only a 5K - but as a non-runner. That is a lot of running!

I started training this weekend for it. I ran 1/2 of a 5K on Saturday morning (long story on why I only did half - but I think it's good I train at half - to understand the mechanics of running long distances). And the full 5K on Sunday morning. I completed the full thing in 37 minutes and something seconds. Which isn't bad for my first time I guess.

My sister-in-law posted on her Facebook not too long ago about running the TC Marathon. I thought "Oh, I should do that too!" She was only running the 5K and I thought - that's a perfect start - I don't want to run more then that.

Then my dad commented that he would run the full marathon in 2010. Um... a little ambitious for me. I thought long and hard about that one and nope - there is no way! LOL I told him this too. He thought about it too and it may take longer then a year to get ready for that. So, he may run the 5k this fall too and my brother may now as well.

My mom & Lucas can cheer us on. Well Lucas won't really know what is going on. LOL.

Monty (my trainer) will also be running it. He isn't a long distance runner either, so this is becoming a challenge for both of us. However, we have 3 months and both of us are determined!

My Goal
1. Run the entire thing (no walking)
2. Finish in under 30 min (ultimate goal 25 min)

01 July 2009


I finally got to scrapbook last night!! It was nice! All my stuff is still packed away. But I had some things from the retreat setting out (that I bought). And a project that I had brought with to work on at the retreat (which I never got to). So I worked on it last night and finished it!

I made a mini album (4x6) for my friend who passed away in May - Matthew T. - mom. It is titled "a Son's Life through his mother's eyes" (I will post album pics as soon as I find my camera battery).

But here are the supplies I used for it:
It was a simple album to create. I first cut the cover & back cover pieces (since they are larger then 4" x 6". Then I cut the rest of the paper at 4x6. Placed them in the album (17 total) and went through and decorated each for journaling purposes.

Here is the paper I used:
Pebbles: Theme Set - So Tweet
The awesome thing about Pebbles papers is that the border at the bottom (with the paper info) has a pattern board on one side! No need for it to go to waste then!

And look at these adorable Fancy Pants Stamps!
Delight (love the versatility of these stamps!)

On a Whimsy: Super cute doodle images!!

I will post pictures of the album soon!