10 July 2009


On Tuesday Helen Cermak passed away after battle cancer. She was an incredible woman with an amazing heart. Helen was a college professor at Concordia College (my college) in the Theatre / Communications dept. I didn't get to really work with Helen until I think about my Junior year. I finally had a class with her and I was working on theatre scholarship (I was the chair) with her. She became a warming figure in my life, a great mentor, friend, and someone I knew I could always talk to.

She was excited to see the things I did for my Apparel & Design classes and she would always guide me through "random" situations in life. That I now live by. I will greatly miss her presense. But am fortunate enough to know her family. Her daughter A.J. walks in her footsteps. A great person with lots of drive, ambition, friendliness, quirky, and easy to love. Her husband Jim (also a mentor, friend, advisor of mine from Concordia) has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He is a big teddy bear and has always been there for me. And though I don't know Jamie very well, he has always been kind. Helen definitely lives through her family and they will carry her with them till they part with this world.

This year has not been easy in terms of people in my life passing away. But it reminds me how short of a time we have here. And to cherish those around me and the time we spend together. Death is never easy for those of us that are still here. We grieve, cry, miss, heartbroken, and wish we could have spent one more day with that person or had one more conversation or weren't too busy to make time for someone.

MAKE TIME FOR EVERYONE! You don't want regret to live with you. You don't want to miss an opportunity because you were TOO busy.

I visit other blogs and one that people have directed to me before (and I decided to check out today) is Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and a post from yesterday really hit home (and there is a great give-away, but honestly that is besides the point to me). And it made me continue on to her friend "Fatty's" Blog. Fatty's wife is battling breast cancer. His blog is: Fat Cyclist. Honestly, if I think my life is EVER bad - I just need to read his latest post to get a reality check.

When I was in college, my grandma (Omi) passed away from cancer. Her final cancer was brain cancer. It is never easy to see someone you love dearly go through the pain, the suffering, the treatments, and everything else that comes along with cancer.

Today, HUG the people you love, TELL them you love them, and CHERISH each moment.

I will be hugging many people today. As Helen's visitation is this evening and funeral is tomorrow - or Celebration Service as I like to call them.


Kaye said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. And your grandma.I too know it is very hard to watch someone you care about and love go through the awful things cancer does to ones body. I lost my dad at 62 to pancreatic cancer two years ago. My heart goes out to you and all the loved ones and friends.

Bonita Rose said...

big hugs. Losing ppl u care about is never easy. never. and ur right. Appreciate the ppl in ur life while u can... amen sister.