06 July 2009


So... I have decided to run a 5K in October (October 3rd). I'm really wondering WHY I decided I wanted to do this. HONESTLY! Running is torture! I know it is only a 5K - but as a non-runner. That is a lot of running!

I started training this weekend for it. I ran 1/2 of a 5K on Saturday morning (long story on why I only did half - but I think it's good I train at half - to understand the mechanics of running long distances). And the full 5K on Sunday morning. I completed the full thing in 37 minutes and something seconds. Which isn't bad for my first time I guess.

My sister-in-law posted on her Facebook not too long ago about running the TC Marathon. I thought "Oh, I should do that too!" She was only running the 5K and I thought - that's a perfect start - I don't want to run more then that.

Then my dad commented that he would run the full marathon in 2010. Um... a little ambitious for me. I thought long and hard about that one and nope - there is no way! LOL I told him this too. He thought about it too and it may take longer then a year to get ready for that. So, he may run the 5k this fall too and my brother may now as well.

My mom & Lucas can cheer us on. Well Lucas won't really know what is going on. LOL.

Monty (my trainer) will also be running it. He isn't a long distance runner either, so this is becoming a challenge for both of us. However, we have 3 months and both of us are determined!

My Goal
1. Run the entire thing (no walking)
2. Finish in under 30 min (ultimate goal 25 min)

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