18 April 2009


It's Saturday, which means - the weekend is almost over. HAHA. Actually it means I do a lot of running around and feel like I get nothing done. When in actuality I get quite a bit done. I have lots on the agenda this weekend. Including putting together a program by the end of Sunday. Must get started on this. :)

Here are some projects I created with the MemoryWorks Express kit (April 2009) to give you a little inspiration this weekend.

It is a book and I'm using it for Inspiration type projects. Like pictures that inspire me, papers that inspire me. Items that inspire me. :)

A half card. I love taking the pre cut cards in the MemoryWorks Express Kits - folding them like a normal card and cutting it in half! It's a great way to make more cards and mini- cards! They also fit nicely in envelopes since they are half the size.

Finally a 6 x 12 layout about me! I love playing around with different sized layouts.

I will share a "notebook" project that is very easy to create later this week. Hopefully I can get on the ball as well and get my knitting up. I will be selling some fingerless gloves. I will link you to my Etsy store when I finally get the stuff posted!! :)

Happy Saturday World!

12 April 2009

Hoppy Easter

I just wanted to say Hoppy Easter and here is a cute picture of my nephew!


03 April 2009

2009 - 2010 MemoryWorks Catalog is now here!!

I am THRILLED to announce the release of the 2009 - 2010 MemoryWorks Catalog. Each and every year MemoryWorks releases an amazing catalog and EVERY year it gets better and better. This year is no exception. Just this morning they released a PDF version of the NEW catalog! And wow - am I going to be broke!

Here is the cover of the new catalog. The contents are to DIE for!!


If you live in the Fargo - Moorhead Area and would like to book a party, buy products, or find out when I am holding classes & events - contact me.

If you are interested in knowing more about MemoryWorks or to get a copy of the new Catalog (not yet released in print form) or purchase products online from me. Contact me or check out my website!!

If you would like to see the PDF version of the catalog or want it on a disk. Contact me at laceyigo@hotmail.com :)

I have been a MemoryWorks consultant since 2005 and this will be my third year on their design team. I LOVE this company and believe in everything they do. This is my 4th catalog release I've been through and 5th catalog I've had with MemoryWorks. I don't think I can ever say enough awesome things about this company.

02 April 2009


Well I've been MIA in life. HAHA. The past 1 1/2 weeks I have been sporadic at work. With all the snow we got this winter - the Red River was BOUND to flood. Except I guess we didn't think it would be this bad. I think the community came together though and really stopped the river from making our town a BIG lake.

I pretty much didn't work for a week or only worked half days. I was helping sandbag and building dikes. Then there was a blizzard. I think Mother Nature hates North Dakota. I'm just hoping for spring soon!!!

Everything is fine now - but they do believe it will crest again. The first crest was a record at 40.83 or something like that.

Life has finally got back to "normal". Whatever that may be. I will post pictures once I upload them to this computer. It was amazing how high the river got (and still is). We are not in the clear yet.