18 April 2009


It's Saturday, which means - the weekend is almost over. HAHA. Actually it means I do a lot of running around and feel like I get nothing done. When in actuality I get quite a bit done. I have lots on the agenda this weekend. Including putting together a program by the end of Sunday. Must get started on this. :)

Here are some projects I created with the MemoryWorks Express kit (April 2009) to give you a little inspiration this weekend.

It is a book and I'm using it for Inspiration type projects. Like pictures that inspire me, papers that inspire me. Items that inspire me. :)

A half card. I love taking the pre cut cards in the MemoryWorks Express Kits - folding them like a normal card and cutting it in half! It's a great way to make more cards and mini- cards! They also fit nicely in envelopes since they are half the size.

Finally a 6 x 12 layout about me! I love playing around with different sized layouts.

I will share a "notebook" project that is very easy to create later this week. Hopefully I can get on the ball as well and get my knitting up. I will be selling some fingerless gloves. I will link you to my Etsy store when I finally get the stuff posted!! :)

Happy Saturday World!

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