20 May 2013

What is art? What is an Artist?

As my school year has come to a close and I reflect not only on my design work, but the growth as a designer and artists, I had to come to a realization about some things. When I'm upset or not sure how to express myself, sometimes words work for me. I wrote this today to express some feelings and some reminders to myself.

As a graphic designer, dancer, singer, actress and arts community supporter, I think of this question often, what is art? I answer the question often in school and I am always adding on to my own definition of "What is Art?" or "What is Design?" or even "What is an artist?"
Art, design, choreography, a theatrical piece, or even a musical composition goes beyond pure entertainment. It is suppose to engage the audience, make the audience think, make them emote (good or bad), and be expressive. When done well, you will have lovers and haters, you will have supporters and enemies. And you will have people who don't understand.
That is the joy of being an artist. You are expressing your artistic feelings for a piece of work, you are expressing your inspirations, your voice, your emotions or even just a connection with a musical piece. If you are not TRUE to who you are as an artist, then what are you creating for? As stated by Prince, "Never compromise who you are as an artist, your art, or your artistry."
The difficult thing about being an artist, and something that is completely out of your control, is your audience. You can't control if they don't fully pay attention, read all the information, listen to the lyrics, listen to the tones, actually watch the piece of work being performed. You can't control their beliefs, their personality, their upbringing, or even their education.
It is a scary thought as a designer or an artist to put your work or yourself on display. You take that risk with each piece of work you present. As a designer, I personally fear the critiques of my peers. I want to impress, present my best work and honestly, I want people to like it. I know this will not always happen, I know my style and my choices may not resonate with everyone. This is something you need to face as an artist and accept.
Even as artists we don't always agree with another artists works. Though as artists, peers and out of respect for each other, I hope we appreciate what the artist is doing and the message they are sending, whether we agree or not.
Def. of Artistic: Of, relating to, or characteristic of art or artistry (freedictionary.com)

08 May 2013

Happy May

So I'm not the BEST at updating my blog. Okay lets face it, I'm HORRIBLE at it! But I thought I would share some projects I created on National Scrapbook Day (which was May 4).

First a layout. This was based off a sketch challenge. I used Dear Lizzy - Lucky Charm papers and embellishments. I cut the hexagons in the white cardstock with my silhouette machine and than layered my paper, photo and embellishments on top. I even added a Glittery gold hexagon spot! All the pattern paper (in the hexagons) are attached to the backside of the layout.
 Next, two cards. Again, also using the Dear Lizzy Collection. These were done for a card challenge I hosted on the MemoryWorks message board.

Thanks for stopping by :) Have a GREAT Wednesday!