26 June 2008

More pictures

Here are some more pictures of the retreat. These ones are of Stacy Julian and myself.

She is a wonderful person and is very inspirational and motiviating. She shared with us her method of staying organized and being a more effiecent scrapbooker. And to think Outside the box. If you don't know anything about her (I didn't till the retreat) - pick up her book "Photo Freedom". It's awesome!

and now for pictures



There you have it. Now I need to set time aside to clean my scrapbook desk so I can create! I need to work on this months calendar page (oops), a father's day gift (i know i'm late), and a few other projects I wanted to do. :) So soon I'll have creations up!

24 June 2008


Alright - here are some pictures from the MemoryWorks retreat. I had so much fun - I'm still buzzing inside!

Kari & I - we needed our morning coffee (it was a must)
Tami, Myself, & Amy (they are with Cosmo Cricket) They were so awesome....they came to our friday night crop and did a make & take!! How cool is that?!?
The Chocolate Fountain of goodness :D
Me being artistic
MemoryWorks Consultants at the retreat
Kari, Myself, Sandy, & Betsy

So there are just a few of my 333 pictures I took. Yes I know a lot. I will post some pics with Stacy Jullian later. :D

23 June 2008

MemoryWorks Retreat and more

OH my - I just realized my last post was from May! I either have a boring life this month or it is really busy. HAHA. Well Summer classes started at the dance studio the other week. So that has kept my evenings busy. Matt's aunt and uncle were in town visiting. That kept us busy. And week/weekend - was the most fabulous retreat every - MEMORYWORKS 2008 RETREAT. OMG was it amazing.

I will post pictures later - but this past weekend I got to meet some really awesome people! Everyone was so awesome to be around. I am very inspired and ready to go home and scrap! The MemoryWorks home office is some of the most amazing people I've ever met. Right when Kari & I walked into the Davis Conference Center - I spotted Kevin & Amber right away. They are both amazing people. They have the biggest hearts and are so kind. Aw they are just great!

Stacy Jullian was awesome. She had great things to teach on how to organize and make your scrapbooking more efficent. It was great. I wrote down at one point - I'm not a "typical" scrapbooker. I don't scrap in order and I'm never behind. We were so fortunate to get her book and autograph. She is a neat person to talk to. She is real and down to earth.

I have so many pictures I want to post - which I will do later this evening or week.