24 June 2008


Alright - here are some pictures from the MemoryWorks retreat. I had so much fun - I'm still buzzing inside!

Kari & I - we needed our morning coffee (it was a must)
Tami, Myself, & Amy (they are with Cosmo Cricket) They were so awesome....they came to our friday night crop and did a make & take!! How cool is that?!?
The Chocolate Fountain of goodness :D
Me being artistic
MemoryWorks Consultants at the retreat
Kari, Myself, Sandy, & Betsy

So there are just a few of my 333 pictures I took. Yes I know a lot. I will post some pics with Stacy Jullian later. :D


Monica Jo said...

Awesome pics Lacey. I cant wait to see more. Thanks for sharing a piece of the retreat for those of us who weren't able to go. You look beautiful BTW!

Sandy said...

I'll be waiting anxiously for a CD of pictures:) (I'll trade you for a CD of scans of the super-secret-thing). I think I ended up only taking like 10 or 15, since my camera is SO awesome!!

anna said...

hey there! i just spent almost an hour reading your blog and your memory works stuff.....WOW!!! you impressed me and made me want to be more creative!! i havent even made a scrapbook for ryann yet and now our next one is on the way. i need to go on a scrapbooking weekend or something and just be around creative-ness and get something done for her. its hard to find motivation when i chase around a 2-year-old all day long! anyways....just wanted to say hi and i am glad you are doing well and enjoying life! you'll have to meet ryann someday....shes pretty great! i'll keep reading to stay up-to-date on your life!