04 December 2007

Thanks & more snow

Thanks for the comments on my banner. I like it - i was unsure about the weird color combination i chose though... aw well. I'm not sure if the ornaments match the background - they really don't.

I hope to post some projects or pictures soon. Christmas concert rehearsal is in full swing and Matt asked if I would start taking rehearsal pictures - for an article that will be in one of the million publications here in town! That would rock if they used one of my images. So Wed. night after my rehearsal I will stay and take pictures of the rehearsal after. I will share some shots when I'm done.

Weather Update:
And Leah - I am super jealous of you! 84 degrees!!! Your temp is 74 degrees warmer than mine! AGH! Again today, I woke up and the snow was coming down - and it hasn't stopped and it isn't suppose to stop. We already have probably 7+ inches from Saturday and we are suppose to get another 5 - 7 inches today. My bosses said it is starting to be like 1997 (the year of the really bad flood).... that isn't very good! I hope it doesn't turn out that way.


Sarah said...

I wish we had snow istead of this ICE! Growing up in MN I can handle the snow. Ice is another story...

Sounds like a good day to stay inside with a cup of Cocoa.

leah said...

Sounds like you have an awesome opportunity with the photos! Good luck! :)