21 January 2008

It's a chilly day

Well I got some stuff done this weekend. I took pictures yesterday. I'll post tonight. I got all my pages stamped in my day planner - i'll give you a sneek peek tonight!! I finished my calendar page (just need to take a picture).

I'm knitting myself legwarmers - I'm almost done with one leg. They are going to be nice and warm (i'll take pictures when i'm done). I took pictures of the wine book i made my parents. I will share that as well. So yes I've been busy creating...around my BUSY weekend. My friend Alexi (from college) was in town for Alumni stuff at the college and we haven't seen him in over a year - so it was super awesome to visit with him!!! We hung out every day he was here. It was great to see him again.

Work is busy - i just needed a little break...but i should get back to working hard. :D

Stay tune tonight for projects!

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leah said...

Can't wait to see! :)