10 November 2008


When winter arrives - i wonder... WHY DO I LIVE HERE??!!?? It is my least favorite time of year. I'm always cold, there is snow and it is wet, it takes forever for the car to heat up (I have leather seats)... There is NOTHING fun about it.

So, not thankful that winter is already here.

Otherwise - life is happy. I've been working on a lot lately. Between, design team projects for MemoryWorks, Marketing for both the FM Ballet Christmas show & Monty - I keep busy. Thank god I love doing it. I will have a lot of things going to print in the next few days and weeks - so that is super exciting.

I had a meeting with Monty last night (he is a personal trainer... or I call him a Life Changer.) He really loves what he does - which makes it easier for me to help him and come up with ideas to promote what he does and who he is. I really hope I can help him make a difference and get his name out there!

For the FM Ballet - Christmas Holiday is approaching QUICKLY!! This week I have many deadlines. I need to get postcards & flyers ordered, I need to submit an ad to the newspaper, and I need to start working on the program.

It is all fun and exciting.

Also, I have started training with Monty - which is scary and exciting at the same time. I get comfortable with what I know - and I have to be open minded and just do it...take chances (even if I look like a fool right now). I just really want to get in awesome shape. I know I don't look bad - but I want to look amazing. As I told Monty - I want the boys to drool. There are a lot of events in the next few years... (i'm sure) including 5 year for college next fall and 10 year for High School in 2010 (never too early to start getting into shape). I want to look good #1 for myself and my future. I'm surprised that I've kept up with going to the gym and have realized that it is time to move to the next level of my working out. BIG ISSUE: my eating habits SUCK!! So we will see if that EVER changes.

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