18 November 2008

Where does the time go??

I can not believe it is already mid-November. It seems like it was just Halloween!! I've been so busy this month I haven't realized how quickly it has gone by. I haven't worked on a whole lot of scrapbooking projects or even touched knitting...but I'm hoping soon I can work on stuff.

I have a creative team project due on thursday. I'm really excited about it and the way it is turning out. I had a vision and it is coming out better than I thought it would!! Also, I have to get my projects together for the NEW MemoryWorks Team. I have completed 1 whole project so far and just many to go. That is my main focus this weekend.

On top of that I have to get going on the Christmas Holiday program for the FM Ballet & Music Theatre Fargo-Moorhead. This program will be more work then Spooky Ballet and I have given myself less time. So I'm thinking little sleep and lots of lattes are in my near future. :)

I wish I had something to share with my probably non-existant blog readers...but at this time... i have nothing. :) Maybe thanksgiving pictures soon. And I decided it may be the first year in awhile I don't make xmas cards (running out of time). So I think we will do a christmas letter this year.

Oh and I have to start working on Baby Shower invitations!!! So where did all the time go?

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