16 October 2008


I know that is not how you spell "spooky". :) I've been so busy lately. The Spooky Ballet is coming up for the FM Ballet and I've been working hard on the program. It is clean and basic - but I don't think anything fancy is needed. The cover art is amazing (done by a local artist), and I used some "scary" type font for the inside titles. But for the most part it is classy. This weekend I'm going to start attending rehearsals so I can take pictures and become familiar with the different pieces of dance. That way when it gets to the stage I will know when to capture the moment.

If you want to know more information on the FM Ballet check out their website at www.fmballet.org. If you want to know know more about the Spooky Ballet - email me at laceybugcreations@yahoo.com.

In other news, I finished Kathy's (Matt's mom) legwarmers last night. Well I finished knitting them, I still need to stitch them up and add the ribbon on top. They turned out very nice. I will take a picture and post once they are done!

Well that is my update today...nothing super exciting.

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