01 April 2008

March Calendar WINNER

Congrats LU!!! You are the winner of the March Calendar RAK!! I will send it to you soon.

I can't believe it is already APRIL!! This year is flying by toooo quickly. It seems like it was just January and the cold weather would never end. OH WAIT...it has still not gone away. Why is it April and it's still chilly and there is still snow on the ground? I don't agree with this.

A good note! If you are a MemoryWorks consultant check out the Message Board this month. I'm hosting the Monthly challenges and chat!! I have posted 3 awesome challenges this month around the theme "RECIPE". So check it out. You could win a prize from HOME OFFICE!!! And we all know they give out kick butt prizes!

I'm also super excited about the upcoming MemoryWorks 2008-2009 Catalog release. My chat will take place the week of the catalog release. I'm so excited!!! If you are not a MemoryWorks consultant - check out my website! New products are already flowing in...and old products are on sale!!!



leah said...

Aww... sorry you're still having chilly weather - I'm sure you're ready for spring! I really wish I could make the time for this, I'm just juggling a quite a bit right now!!

Congrats to Lu! :)

Lu said...

Heya, Lacey. I finished my April page...it's on my blog. Have a great day!