14 April 2008


I just got back from NYC last night. What a fun adventure. I left EARLY on friday - in fear we would get horrible weather and I would be STUCK in Fargo. So I got the earliest flight out of here (5am). I got a pretty early connecting flight as well (9:40am). And off to NYC!

The flight is actually only a 2 hour 30 min. flight or so...it took 4 hours!! The air traffic at Laguardia airport is insane... so we had a ground hold before we took off and 2 air holds... meaning just circling around the air till we get an okay to continue on.

I finally got to NYC - it was cloudy. But the weather was pretty nice. My mom and I got a light lunch in Rockefeller Square. We sat by the window at the resturaunt and watched the ice skaters. It was well above 50 degrees and people were skating.

We went to dinner with my dad and some people he knows through work that evening. Saturday my mom & I did some shopping - went to the tradeshow, and out to dinner with my friend from High School & College (Jeremy!!). It was so great to see him! Oh and the weather was awesome saturday... 73 degrees and mostly sunny!

Sunday I came back to Fargo! I will post pictures tonight once I put them on my computer. I was so tired last night I went home and crashed.

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leah said...

Sounds like fun! :)