07 April 2008

Stamp Frenzie

I'm obsessed with clear stamps. I think I'm going to clear out my selection of wooden stamps (I never use them anymore). I have been buying a lot of Hero Arts stamps lately. I just LOVE their designs. I'm waiting for the cupcake ones to come in at my LSS - they just reordered them.

Plus clear stamps have lots of stamps for a great price!! I need to find a new storage place for all these stamps...and money to buy more. I really want the NEW BG stamps that are like their rubons.

OBSESSED - I know!

This weeks challenge over on the Hero Arts board is Collage! AW - HUH? I am not good at that...we'll see if I can come up with anything. I will be gone this weekend - so I would have to get something done before Friday!

I'm going to NYC this weekend. I'm sooooo excited! I'm going out their to hang out with my parents for the weekend! The weather is suppose to be rain, snow, & wind on friday - but lets hope it's not too bad. Since I'm only in NYC from Friday - Sunday. So basically a day.

Alright - i have projects to post but their are on my computer at home. So i'll post soon!!!

1 comment:

Lu said...

Lacey, I'm obsessed with the clear stamps, too. It's hard to pass up such great stamps at great prices. But, I still like some of my wooden ones. :-)
Just wanted to let you know, I did get my RAK...love every last bit of it! Thanks so much!