28 February 2008


On a not so light note. If you could keep my boyfriend Matt in your thoughts and prayers I'd appreciate it. He is a dancer and last night he believes he dislocated his GOOD knee. He really needs mental and physical strength right now. He is going to the doctor's today - so HOPEFULLY it is just really sore and not as bad as he thinks it is. But who knows. Thank you

On a lighter note. I finished my calendar page last night for my challenge. HOWEVER, i didn't take a picture yet. I will do that tonight! It is still not to late to enter. I accept digital layouts as well. So lets see those February Calendar pages! Just link me to the page you have it posted or email them to me at laceybugcreations@yahoo.com

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

UPDATE: Matt went to the walk in clinic around 10:15am....I will hopefully see him over lunch to hear what is up...i seriously can't think, my stomach is churning...agh I just hope everything is okay.

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