09 November 2010

21 Challenge - Day 4 & 5

Sometimes I'm not good with change or unexpected things.  Monday I went to dance, thinking my normal teacher would be teaching.  NOT the case.  Another instructor warmed us up.  UNEXPECTED.  I took a deep breath and told myself, it will be okay, you will LOVE class today.  And I did!
21 challenge 
I have a reoccurring pain spot - my right hamstring! Today it decided to BLOW up!  Tears ran down my face during stretching, but I was able to make it through class without too much pain, until the end.  I was done at that point.  I'm glad I MODIFIED today and to still participate.  The song was from one of my favorite groups.  When in doubt, don't push too hard when I'm in pain, modify and do the BEST I can do!  I just want this pain to go away - ouch.
21 challenge

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cinnibonbon said...

You know change is so difficult isn't it? I don't changes at work, or outside things, but when it comes to myself-- I get all fussy about it. I too would have been opposed to a new instructor. I'm proud of you!!! So I'm glad that you were able to get yourself through the class!! Felt good didn't it? I mean outside of your body pain. Sorry to hear that. I know it's a tough thing when pain brings you to tears. I was at that point this morning. I was sitting at the train station parking lot, crying, because me knees were hurting so bad!! LOL..
Hang in there girl!!! Your pages are looking awesome!!