18 November 2010

21 Challenge

I haven't forgotten the 21 challenge.  I have thought long and hard about what I set forth to do for myself and decided... I am too busy right now with custom orders for knitting, building inventory and design team projects.  I'm exhausted and tired. 

I think I set out to change a habit, I'm not fully ready to commit to changing.  The first step of changing something is WANTING to change that something.  If you are not fully willing too, it is harder to try to change that aspect of yourself or life.

Now I am continuing to try to think positively when it comes to dance class and i have been making progress.  But currently don't have the time to write it down, make art about it or even blog about it on a daily basis. 

I have not given up...just haven't put full 110% effort into this.  I continue to change my habit in my own time which could mean weeks, months or years.

Best to those who are going strong on the 21 challenge!  I'll be your cheerleader!

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cinnibonbon said...

Hi Girl!!!

Oh I completely understand--A few days ago I was so bored with the challenge myself..but I'm plugging along. It seems I picked the wrong thing to try to change too. I have no real control on how much body is reacting--But I try anyway. I know I should of picked something more manageable, but i do want to feel good and I most certainly can"t feel good--not everyday. But it's still a goal, just like you--and staying positive. Remember this, you are positive, you are positive about building your business...that's a good thing girl--so don't be so hard on yourself if there isn't time to journal, art or blog about it. That's ok.

Hang in there!!! PS..come see the video on my blog if you get the chance. I think you'll love it!!