11 November 2010

My love for interior design

The most EXCITING thing about renovating a home, is interior design (well for me anyway!!)  I have all these ideas for the decorating of most the rooms or at least a rough idea.

Today I was looking for kitchen inspiration.  We are resurfacing the cabinets white (they are great cabinets, just need an update), getting new hardware and a new counter top (which I'm thinking some form of black).  I've been doing a little back splash searching as well...  What do you think of this (obviously not in brown).  I really like the pattern.

We will have stainless steel type appliances, white cabinets, black counter top, not sure on floors yet either and the walls, no clue... I want some color on them. I think I have lots of ideas and no direction right now...except I know for sure on the cabinets & countertop.  I want to brighten the room up!  We are also taking down a wall to open it up to the living room! 

Matt's focus right now is the bathroom.  Maybe I should focus on those fixtures right now too.


Jade said...

Ohhh . . . if I cooked I would want to cook in that kitchen! LOL

cinnibonbon said...

Oh how super exciting to get a new kitchen!!!! Best wishes girl.

Sasha said...

The style is a very traditional subway tile design. If you're going for white cabinets and black counters, I would really go for a pop of color in the backsplah. It would make a great statement. Can you tell I'm also a fan of interior design :)