24 October 2007

Bras on Broadway

This is the 2nd annual "Bras on Broadway" Benefit. It is to support breast cancer research. Okay the cool thing about this. A MAJOR sponsor is - The Hotel Donaldson. It's a swanky high end hotel here in Fargo and it's located downtown. Anyway... So women have been dropping their old bras off at various locations and the bars are now hanging from the Hotel Donaldson. There are ROWS of bras hanging off the building. I am hoping to get a picture tonight - since the even is tomorrow and I"m not sure when they are taking them down. Also, in the window they have a clothes line of really nice looking bras (the Fancy ones). So hopefully I can get some good shots tonight.

1 comment:

Monica Jo said...

What a creative way to make a statement for Breat Cancer Research.