21 August 2008

It's almost the end of AUGUST!

Here I am once again - not updating my life. This past month has been very busy (who knows why). I haven't really gotten any scrapbooking done lately. My weekends have been busy. The first weekend of August Matt & I went to a wedding in the cities - it was a beautiful wedding. My friend Sarah got married. She looked stunning. Than I had a weekend off. Oh the weekend before the wedding I went to a Bachlorette party in SOUTHERN MN. A friend from college is getting married this winter.

Than I had pretty much 2 weekends off. WE went to the lake last weekend because MAtt's sister & brother in law were up visiting. That was fun. I sat inside and watched the olympics with Matt's dad the whole day.

Olympics - I'm addicted!! I love watching everything and have found out how much it sucked watching gymnastics this year... This scoring system sucks!!! I didn't even enjoy watching gymnastics b/c of it. I cheered Michael Phelps on in all his races and I was so excited to watch Misty May & Kerry Walsch play again and win that gold!!! How awesome. So the olympics overall have been awesome!!!

I got a gym membership over a week ago. Which is taking up a lot of my evenings. I met with a personal trainer this week, he helped me learn the machines and put together a workout plan for me to follow. I'm really excited about it and to tone up and get in shape again!! I think my life is going to revolve around the gym now. I just have to get the eating part right (always the hard part...eating right and not crap all the time).

I bought a new point & shoot camera last weekend. I got this cutie! I downgraded from my last point & shoot (which the LCD screen was broken on)...but this one is cute and it will do the job. I mainly use my point & shoot if I'm going out (bars, parties, day trips, etc). If I don't want to lug my dSLR or the place is just not dSLR friendly. I usually have my p&s in my purse at all times - you never know when a photo op may come!

Alright as this blog has no importanence to anyone but myself... I'm glad I documented a month in my life.

This weekend I'm heading to brainerd area for Liz's Bachlorette weekend! I plan on taking LOTS of pictures with my new p&s!! So I'll post some soon. There are a few scrapbook pages I would like to post as well. I'll get around to it - eventually.

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leah said...

Aww. I still check in when you post!

Good luck on the gym and everything! Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun, lately!